Building stores on Shopify is super easy, but staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce narrates a whole different story of success for digital merchants. Surviving the competition of an easy barrier of entry and generating sales contradict each other on a larger scale in the eCommerce paradigm. If you are a Shopify merchant who’s had some tough luck selling effortlessly and wondering how to generate sales on Shopify store, or ever searched terms on the internet like how to drive traffic to your Shopify for free? This detailed guide is supposedly for you.

Managing the continuous growth in the eCommerce arena in such fierce competition is highly challenging. These ten essential elements will not only help you drive traffic but excel in this cut-throat eCommerce competition. In this blog, we will explore more comprehensively not only how to drive traffic to Shopify store but also how to market your Shopify store to help you get more revenue.

Leveraging profit with Shopify Plus involves using its advanced features more innovatively and applying them more pragmatically in the current eCommerce business environment. We will delve deep into this comprehensive approach and learn more about how Shopify can be utilized better for your eCommerce success. So, let’s check the Shopify Plus tips below to drive traffic to shopify store and learn the best way to market shopify store.

About Shopify Plus: Shopify Meaning

Shopify Plus is a subscription-based enterprise-level eCommerce software system designed uniquely for high-growth merchants to sell more, grow faster, and stay profitable. It includes all the standard Shopify features with additional resources and offers more flexibility for those businesses that want to scale faster. In recent times, Gymshark has been a prime example of the successful implementation of Shopify Plus, where they achieved a staggering 41-million-pound turnover.

1. Brand Awareness Matters!

Brand awareness is a distinctive element of a successful eCommerce journey. This works straightaway; the more people know about your brand, the more likely they will buy from you. Being visible to potential customers is a decisive factor, especially for B2B businesses. If you are worried about “how to get customers on Shopify?”, deliver a memorable shopping experience to your customers with a personalized storefront, checkout process, and much more with the Shopify Plus customization feature.

When you offer a cohesive and consistent visual identity, it eventually reflects in building trust with customers and makes your brand outshine competitors. Shopify Plus helps you to bestow your store a more professional look with high-end images and colors, highlighting your store more appealing to potential customers.

2. Boost Sales with Popular Shopify Plus Apps

According to the GoodFirms data, more than 40% of digital merchants leverage the benefits of Shopify integrations as well and 35% of them depend on the Shopify Plus apps to boost their eCommerce store sales. These apps can be your exceptional virtual business partner in automating routine tasks as your business expands. The never-ending query of online merchants of how to get traffic to your eCommerce store and how to promote your Shopify store for free can be solved easily with these popular Shopify apps.

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How to boost Shopify sales?

Here is a list of the Top Five Shopify Apps that you can use to Boost your sales and get Shopify growth.

  1. Omnisend – Best for email marketing. Create effective email campaigns with ready-made email templates.
  2. Gorgias -Primarily focuses on customer retention. Prioritize multiple communication channels, address customer queries, and manage Shopify orders, and social interaction in one place.
  3. Loox – Uniquely designed for Shopify. Automates photo and video product reviews and synchronizes with multiple platforms to reach a larger audience.
  4. RefferalCandy – Leverage the power of referrals and affiliate marketing with RefferalCandy. Set up emails for customer enrollment & customize them with your brand requirements.
  5. – Designed for product reviews and available in multiple languages. Engage your reviewers with Q&A and coupons. Drive traffic on Shopify. Easily customizable with unlimited email review requests.

3. Monitor Your Shopify Strategies Frequently

Keep a close eye on your strategies and performance metrics to evaluate what is working and what’s not. Be ready to pivot and experiment with a fresh approach based on given data insights.

You can apply those strategies effectively based on performance data to get the maximum profits with Shopify Plus. To stay adaptable and customer-centric according to the market trends and customer behaviors. If you are wondering how to drive traffic to your store, apply this strategy with careful customer data analysis.

4. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Everyone is on mobile and if your eCommerce store is not well-optimized for mobile devices, you are lagging behind what the market demands from your business. This trend will continue to grow in the coming future as mobile retail gains more popularity in mainstream commercial touchpoints.

How do customers find your Shopify store is important as a significant chunk of online shopping happens on smartphones. Mobile eCommerce is way less competitive than the traditional website model. Getting mobile revenue is significantly easier than selling from web traffic.

Ensure your eCommerce website is fully responsive, with faster loading speed and fast navigation. Moreover, you can use Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) to speed up page loading on mobile devices.

Benefits of choosing Mobile over Web

  • Fewer visitors’ bouncing rate
  • Get more revenue through mobile customer
  • Stay on the Google trending page for specific mobile queries
  • Enhances overall customer experience

5. Scale Seamlessly Whenever Your Business Needs

Scaling can be a grueling experience for store owners if it is poorly implemented, as it may severely hamper the overall sales. Stores get their most traffic before, during, and after flash seasons or peak seasons. Shopify Plus offers seamless scalability for a business. For improving scalability features like the order fulfillment process, consider focusing on optimized inventory management, third-party logistic integration, order routing automation, and order tracking and notifications. It will help meet the demands of the growing customer base.

Leverage the benefits of Shopify Plus robust payment integration for smooth payment processing for unexpected traffic surges in the peak festive season. It will allow for real-time payment processing, minimizing the risk of transaction errors, and preventing fraudulent activities without any hassle.

Inventory management is also a vital element for your successful eCommerce journey. Optimize your eCommerce store with an effective inventory management strategy while minimizing cost, improving your routine business operations, and reducing the risk of overselling products with customer satisfaction.

6. Make Your Customer Feel Special

The entire eco-system of eCommerce business revolves around simplifying the customer lives. Add more value to their lives by offering them special product collections. The more convenience a customer experiences, the higher the chances of buying products. They often search for terms on search engines like “How do I shop on Shopify” or how to buy from Shopify? You can offer Shopify solutions to your customers they are looking for.

Do this by offering a special product collection in your eCommerce store. Another way to engage with your customers is to create limited-time offers. Offer exclusive access to discounts, free products, and other interactive rewards to your top customers.

Utilize the low-selling season by offering more such offers to engage with your customers. It will connect the customers with your brand and automatically catch up with the pace of revenue lost between these low-selling reasons to peak seasons. E.g.- Black Friday can be a great festive season to leverage the customer’s trust in your brand by offering them discounts and gift coupons. Driving the Shopify traffic to the right platform with a more customer-centric approach maximizes business growth.

7. Harnessing the Benefits of Social Media Influences

Collaborating with relevant influencers can add a great advantage to your brand. Boost your brand awareness with product reviews and sponsored content. Run social media campaigns and create customer-centric content to reach a large audience. Make partnerships with established business partners to communicate with your target audience. Take advantage of their loyal followers and brand credibility to land more visitors to your store. Utilizing the power of social media can be tricky if you’re unsure about your business goals. You can follow these Shopify store promotions strategies:

  • Unboxing videos
  • Exciting giveaways for loyal customers
  • Product reviews on social media

8. Monitor Data Analytics & Metrics

Monitoring data like website traffic conversation rates and customer acquisition costs can be highly beneficial for a successful eCommerce journey. Utilize Shopify Plus’s popular analytics tools to get deeper insights into customer behavior and build relevant business strategies.

Keep a close eye on the speed of the landing page and make interactive ad creatives and social media campaigns that suit your audience’s requirements. Pay attention to other vital factors like identifying customer preferences, analyzing inventory data, and tracking website performance that will help you deliver top-notch customer experience.

9. Assure Customer with the Right Shipping Rate

Curious about how to drive customers to your website? Using Shopify Plus will allow you to set customized shipping rates to customers for a seamless shopping journey. Pick your favorite shipping rate based on your expected average label cost and dynamic rates. These shipping rates can vary according to business goals. The seller must choose their shipping cost and choice before ordering shipping. It guarantees your customers you charge them the right shipping options like free shipping, flat rate shipping, and calculated shipping rates.

10. Optimize Real-Time Customer Support with Live Chat

Among all the strategies we’ve discussed till now, the impact of interactive customer support can’t be understated. Live chat can be your ultimate partner to connect with your customers in real time. Get the real-time response with Live Chat feature from Shopify Plus:

  • Connect with your customer instantly, directly from your digital store
  • Live chat features enhance your brand image among your customers


We have covered a comprehensive roadmap of the top 10 creative approaches to scale your eCommerce store to achieve your business goals. We hope these strategies will guide you on how to get traffic to your Shopify store and make the most of your Shopify Plus experience. Implementing these impactful strategies will help you gain new customers, maximizing your business revenue on a big scale.

If you want to consider Shopify Plus consultation services or look to optimize your existing Shopify Plus store, Ignitiv is for you. Collaborate with us and make your enterprise eCommerce a successful reality.

Build Future-proof Customer Experiences

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