Kibo Subscriptions Management Solutions

End-to-end Customization and Development Services

Generate Recurring Revenue

Offer subscription-based products or services to generate recurring revenue for stable revenue growth of your business.

Drive Sales & Customer Loyalty

Provide ongoing value to your customers to keep them engaged, thus enhancing customer retention and reducing churn rates.

Personalization & Customer Satisfaction

Kibo Commerce subscriptions allow you to customize your offerings as per every individual customer’s requirement for higher customer satisfaction.

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    Kibo Subscriptions

    Increase orders and foster customer loyalty by generating revenue through Kibo’s comprehensive subscription commerce capabilities.

    Kibo’s end-to-end subscription management platform integrates seamlessly with any cart and your current tech stack for a comprehensive solution.

    Save time, minimize the risk of errors, and improve customer experience through the automated billing process offered by Kibo Commerce Subscriptions.

    With subscription-based sales, you can better manage your inventory by forecasting the demand and ensuring you are always in stock.

    Kibo Commerce Subscriptions

    Boost Revenue and Customer Loyalty

    With Kibo Subscriptions Commerce, provide your customers complete control over their subscription orders to boost customer loyalty and reduce churn rates.

    Increase in Average Order Value
    Increase in Online Volume in the First 6 Months
    Increase in Conversion Rate in the First Year

    End-to-end Subscription Management

    Flexibility to create subscriptions, manage orders and customers in one place

    Kibo simplifies and streamlines the management of subscriptions by driving sales and customer retention at scale. It offers robust, flexible, and customer-centric subscription management capabilities to match the needs of every subscription business.

    Discover Customer-Centric Subscription Commerce

    Flexible subscription structure for every business needs

    Kibo’s headless Subscription Commerce deployment offers easy implementation with any cart. Its seamless integration with your existing tech stack gives you complete freedom over the customer experience.

    Kibo offers greater flexibility for crafting subscription strategies compared to traditional billing systems. With a comprehensive range of commerce features, it streamlines the complete management of subscription businesses, allowing both customer acquisition and retention on a larger scale.

    Discover Customer
    Empower Customer Care for Better Service

    Empower Customer Care for Better Service

    Enhanced customer support and self-management

    • Optimize your sourcing strategy by considering various warehouses, distribution centers, and other factors tailored to your needs.
    • Streamline order processing by automating sourcing and rules for splitting orders, effectively reducing costs.
    • Improve fulfillment efficiency by routing orders based on metrics such as store location, inventory turnover, or custom logic.

    No More Abandoned Carts

    • Kibo’s SaaS subscription management platform offers support for various subscription types, billing plans, intricate pricing, and discounts—all in one place.
    • Mitigate churn through self-service options, allowing customers to adjust the delivery frequency and update subscription preferences.
    • Seamlessly migrate historical subscriptions and orders, integrate with any cart, and do so without risking compatibility with headless or composable tech stacks.
    Abandoned Carts
    Buyer Experiences

    Create Enhanced Buyer Experiences

    Subscription strategy for more subscribers and increased revenue

    • Increase your average order value by allowing customers to check out with both subscription and non-subscription items simultaneously.
    • Develop subscriptions for regularly used physical or digital products and services.
    • Implement various pricing models, including fixed, variable, custom B2B pricing, and more.

    Avoid Revenue Leakage With B2B Subscription Commerce

    Generate ongoing income without needing an extra platform to manage

    • Handle subscriptions seamlessly, automating the replenishment process with personalized pricing.
    • Enable customers to bundle products and services for streamlined approval in a single quote.
    • Easily track order history, encompassing fixed, one-time, recurring, and consumption-based charges, all within a single customer account.
    Revenue Leakage

    Kibo Subscriptions Frequently Asked Questions

    Kibo Commerce Subscriptions enable businesses to increase orders, foster customer loyalty, and generate revenue through comprehensive subscription commerce capabilities. The platform seamlessly integrates with any cart and existing tech stack, automates billing processes, and helps manage inventory efficiently.

    Ignitiv is a trusted partner of Kibo, offering expertise in seamless Kibo subscription implementation and integration. Our team ensures a smooth and customized deployment to meet your unique business requirements.

    Yes, Kibo Subscriptions is designed to scale with your business. Ignitiv helps you implement scalable solutions that can adapt to the changing needs and growth of your subscription-based business.

    Absolutely, Kibo Subscriptions offers customizable B2B pricing models, making it well-suited for businesses that operate in a B2B environment.

    Getting started is easy! our team will guide you through the process of implementing and optimizing Kibo Subscriptions for your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss.

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