Every single customer interaction is an opportunity to create something remarkable.

~ Joey Coleman

About Us

We are the Customer Experience Agency.

As the world emerges from Covid and customers evolve new ways of engaging with companies, using digital innovation to deliver transformative and consistent customer experience across channels and throughout the customer journey will become the primary strategic driver for success. To lead the experience economy, you will need an able partner that brings the right mix of strategy, technology, design and AI skills to help deliver those transformative experiences for your customers. Ignitiv is your partner of choice.

We are a full service agency that combines strategy, digital marketing, technology and customer analytics expertise to help craft integrated digital experiences that deliver more customers, more revenues and more profitability.

Online. Markeplaces and social networks. B2C and B2B. In physical stores. With your field sales teams. We will craft digital solutions that deliver transformative customer experiences.

We started the company in 2013 with the idea that if we are to craft customer experience solutions for our clients we need to bring together and integrate consultants across areas – those who understand eCommerce as well as stores. And those that can work together as a team across disciplines – be it strategy, design, technology or analytics – to create customer experience solutions. Since then we have completed 75+ projects for over 25 clients that have dramatically transformed their customers’ experience.

What we value

We empower employees to be client champions constantly looking to deliver on their customer experience opportunities.

Project success is not just delivering on time. Tangible outcomes in business growth, better efficiencies and higher customer satisfactions matter.

We believe obsessing over the boring details makes us deliver a complete solution. Details in design, code, delivery and all project aspects.

The best results come from empowered individuals – across functions and disciplines – working together to achieve results.

We believe expanding boundaries, in what we deliver to clients and in what each individual employee does, allows us to deliver better outcomes always.

Let us discuss the next steps in your customer experience journey.