Streamline Your Order Fulfillment Process

Omnichannel Operation

Leverage Kibo for seamless order management that powers both – distribution centers and in-store shipping.

Flexible and Fast Fulfillment

Start fulfilling orders from multiple stores and grow your online sales multifold. Implement Kibo for smooth order management.

Unified View of Inventory

Kibo offers a real-time view of inventories no matter where they are located. Monitor your stock levels, avoid stockouts, and make informed decisions.

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    Kibo OMS

    The Future of Order Management System

    Kibo OMS offers an efficient and effective ecommerce operations to scale your business quickly. Make informed business decisions with its advanced capabilities.

    Never miss out on an order with Kibo’s automated order routing. It optimizes cost and enables quick delivery by optimizing fulfillment options to the customer’s nearest store.

    Kibo OMS enables the store owner to track orders, provide order status updates, and handle returns easily without any delay.

    Simplifying Complex Order Management

    Implement the Kibo Order Management System and go the extra mile. Ignitiv, as a Kibo Partner, helps businesses apply omnichannel strategies by facilitating options like ship-from-store and buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS). Our seasoned team of Kibo experts ensures a seamless integration process, from initial setup to proper implementation of this end-to-end eCommerce solution.

    Increase in Revenue
    Increase in Online Sales
    Improvement in Shipment Fill Rate

    Migrate to Kibo Commerce OMS

    Deliver Rich Customer Experience

    Kibo Commerce offers you the extended capabilities to supercharge your retail operations with Kibo’s Distributed Order Management System (DOM), designed to empower retailers to meet their fulfillment needs. Take charge of your inventory management, streamline operations, and provide an exceptional omnichannel retail experience through Kibo OMS.

    Leverage the Power of Modern Headless Architecture

    • A User-friendly interface helps you navigate the Kibo platform easily to provide quick technical support.
    • Understand and adept the growing business demands of meeting your customer’s requirements.
    • Feature-rich reporting capabilities, intuitive dashboard, and easy and quick integration keep you ahead of time.
    Modern Headless Architecture
    B2B Kibo eCommerce

    B2B Kibo eCommerce Software

    • Boost Growth and Efficiency with a Modern B2B eCommerce Platform: Achieve revenue growth, order efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences with Kibo’s B2B eCommerce solution.
    • Unified B2B Customer Experience: Provide modern B2B experiences that go beyond checkout by managing quotes, account hierarchies, customized pricing, and multi-channel management.
    • Simplify B2B Complexity with Streamlined Data: Reduce errors and manage multiple aspects of B2B operations, including catalogs, inventory, and order orchestration, all in one platform.

    Kibo Ecommerce And Kibo Subscription Commerce

    • Kibo offers a unified platform that seamlessly integrates eCommerce and Subscription Commerce, ensuring consistent and engaging customer experiences across channels.
    • With Kibo Subscription Commerce, businesses can diversify revenue streams by tapping into the subscription-based business model, alongside traditional eCommerce sales.
    • Combining Kibo eCommerce and Subscription Commerce allows for personalized shopping experiences, increased customer loyalty, and opportunities for recurring revenue.
    Kibo Subscription Commerce
    Order Management Solution

    Composable Order Management Solution

    • Kibo’s modular architecture allows businesses to integrate specific modules to align with customized OMS needs.
    • Perfect for high-volume orders. Improves performance and simplifies the complexity of the retail chain cycle.
    • Custom order orchestration workflows to redesign and reinvent the order fulfillment process by integrating the whole ERP.

    Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

    • Effortlessly monitor and categorize various data metrics, including revenue generation, orders, product performance, inventory, orders, shipping expenses, etc.
    • Establish instant alerts to notify teams of predefined triggers, such as stock levels that necessitate adjustments in order routing rules.
    • Seamlessly integrate with your current BI (Business Intelligence) solutions, import and export data, and tailor, modify, and store reports for fast access.
    Reporting and Analytics

    Kibo OMS Frequently Asked Questions

    Kibo OMS offers a bird-eye view of all real-time data across locations. Its order routing engine helps to make intelligent decisions based on location and orders, optimizing order fulfillment.

    The reason is that it combines the power of inventory data and search in one place. It allows customers to search and filter the product with a detailed overview, like availability, estimated delivery, and information on in-stock or out-of-stock products.

    Yes, Kibo OMS is designed to seamlessly integrate with various eCommerce platforms, third-party systems, and technologies, ensuring a flexible and customized solution for your business.

    Absolutely. Kibo OMS empowers businesses to execute omnichannel strategies by facilitating ship-from-store, buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), and more, providing a cohesive shopping experience.

    Ignitiv, as a Kibo partner, can provide expertise and guidance for seamless Kibo OMS integration, ensuring efficient setup and utilization of the end-to-end ecommerce solution.

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