The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility.

~ Jeff Bezos

Middle Office Solutions

Global research expert Forrester has this to say about the future consumers: They will want not just responsive interactions but adaptive ones. Those with content delivered in a way that best suits them as individuals for their particular device. This is not possible without Omnichannel integration.
A fundamental necessity of any retailer’s Omnichannel strategy is the ability to architect and integrate databases to provide a unified view of data in real time across the entire spectrum. This also means being able to fulfill and process orders in the right manner and at the right place. In other words, Omnichannel commerce needs Omnichannel inventory. Being able to fulfill orders in the most optimal way is key to increase the returns on inventory and that would be the primary key to success for an Omnichannel retailer. Having operated channel silos over the years, retailers are woefully unprepared for the new world. A RIS/IHL study finds that even today only 25% of retailers provide their customers the ability to buy online and pick up in the stores.

At Ignitiv, we have been and continue to think of integrations from an enterprise wide perspective and not in silos. We believe in building integrations which is future proof and scalable. Our gamut of services in Middle Office Solutions include:

  • CRM : Improve your marketing ROI. Address customer issues even before the customer can escalate it by having details of all interactions across multiple channels in the fingertips of your customer service representatives. Let the software take care of the nitty gritty and routine mundane activities, while you and your team can focus on building a strong relationship with your customers and serving them with your best offerings. Combine all of these with our market leading analytics tools, and let yourself be driven by real time actionable customer intelligence to take your business to greater heights by maximizing the value generated from each stage of the customer journey.
  • Inventory and Order Management : Our inventory and order management solutions can deliver better returns on inventory and result in lesser lost sales. Enabling visibility for all inventory across DC, Stores, Suppliers, logistic partners and the ability to receive, transfer, and return inventory across channels, retailers can arrive at better business logic to allocate and replenish inventory across channels with granular inventory visibility in a centralized manner and effective use of big data analytics around customer transactions, interactions and social data.
  • Enterprise Integrations : What does Omnichannel integration mean? It is when all channels, customer touch-points, and functional processes are designed to optimally serve the needs of the customer. Each channel, be it catalog, online, or affiliate typically gets developed organically with specific best practices. this works great when each channel needed to work independently. However, when all of them need to work in tandem, a structured, standards-based approach to Omnichannel integration is necessary.
    The principals at Igntiv have in-depth expertise in delivering integration of customer facing applications to enterprise applications. This includes experience with merchandising, financials, warehouse management, HR; and workforce management. In our prior work we have done enterprise integration using major industry leading middleware platforms including Oracle Fusion and IBM Websphere. As more and more services are brought to customers, the use of webservices to integrate to social networks, mobile, and web service providers will increase significantly.

Integration Solutions

Finding it difficult to get your applications to talk to each other? Feel free to reach out to our team of experts - With extensive technical depth and domain knowledge, they have played the icebreaker between many a complex apps - both legacy and third party.

Commerce Analytics

If you are looking to adopt Micro-Services Architecture to transform your Commerce, please talk to us. Our experienced consultants can draw upon their expertise to help guide your efforts.