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As your Shopify store propels towards a successful Shopify Plus eCommerce journey, you may face a tough time processing unexpected traffic surges and slow performance. In short, your existing system is not pliable enough to ensure a warm welcome to customers across markets. In such cases, you need future-proof proven marketing strategies to boost Shopify Plus ROI.

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Being a trustworthy Shopify seller, try to learn more about these valuable insights to draw traffic to your site and transform visitors into repeat buyers. These sales tricks not only set the solid foundation for successful eCommerce operations but also ensure sustainable growth, competitive advantage, and enhanced customer experiences. Know why they are essential for your strong market presence. Be ready for pragmatic ways to increase sales on Shopify Plus rapidly!

A Brief Checklist To Assess Your Shopify Plus Sales Performance

  • Not Investing Much in Website UX: A messy website with extra colors can be a huge turnoff for customers. Using the colors and text in the right proportion can be appealing to your customers
  • Outdated SEO Strategies: If you are not actively monitoring your Shopify store search engine ranking performance, it can drastically affect your sales figures. Stay visible to maximum potential customers through competitive SEO investments.
  • Limited Options for Payments: Customers always look for convenient payment options. Offer multiple payment options with seamless transaction features to reach a larger audience pool.
  • Listen to What Customers are Saying: Staying reliable always requires authentic acclaim from your genuine customer reviews. Always pay close attention to what customers are expecting from your brand.
  • Cluttered Product Descriptions: Customers buy impulsively but you may miss such an opportunity if your Shopify store lacks well-managed product descriptions. High-quality product images can entice your customers for immediate buying.
  • Not Engaging with Your Customers: Not rewarding your customers can negatively impact your brand image. Reward your customers with exciting offers and persuade them of extra shopping options.
  • Your website is not mobile-friendly: Shoppers prefer convenient buying methods, i.e. placing sizeable orders from mobile devices. If your store is not optimized with a mobile-friendly interface, it can severely hinder your sales.

Now, learn more about applicable methods to increase sales on Shopify Plus and experience steep sales gain in the least possible time.

Top 10 Strategies to Boost Sales of Your Shopify Plus Store

1. Make Chatbots Your Invisible Helping Hand

Chatbots Your Invisible Helping Hand

Image source: https://www.revechat.com/blog/shopify-marketing/

The more efficiently you engage with your customers, the better it helps to strengthen customer loyalty. Treat them generously by responding to their urgent queries swiftly, offering them customized product recommendations, and resolving their queries promptly. With the help of chatbot marketing, you can handle multiple customers simultaneously. Chatbots are a vital element in your Shopify Plus marketing strategy that ensures a seamless connection with customers on the go.

What can chatbots do for you?

  • Stay connected to your customer 24*7
  • Show product suggestions
  • Can minimize cart abandonment
  • Make customized offers
  • Automate sales process
  • Reach to the larger customer audience

2. Videos are Everywhere So Why not on Your Shopify Plus?

Technology is disrupting the ongoing landscape of how information is being processed by consumers. Videos are gaining more traction over text. Video consumption has risen enormously over the years, and the trends do not look like they are slowing down anytime soon. Customers prefer learning about a product from video compared to reading text or going through boring images. For a tech-savvy Shopify seller like you, leveraging the videos can be a great way to connect with your potential buyers.

Utilize this amazing source of marketing tools and helpful sales tips to promote the product to your target audience.

How will it help?

  • Create interactive promotional videos for customer engagement.
  • Take storytelling to the next level by focusing on things that matter the most.
  • Focus more on your product and advertise accordingly.
  • Minimize your marketing budget.

3. Make Email-Marketing Campaigns Your Priority

In the age of digital communication, where customers want everything with a single click, the impact of email marketing cannot be denied. Sending emails is still considered one of the most powerful forms of marketing approach. Email helps to get in touch with existing customers through direct channels of communication.

Moreover, introducing your products and services through email to a new customer can be a credible marketing approach. Automating email can be an additional advantage and ensures it reaches customers at or after a specified time. Attain substantial Shopify Plus ROI with email marketing by tweaking various customer touchpoints.

4. Wishlist Do Wonders for Future Purchases

If you come across some major eCommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, using a wish list comes very handy as it allows you to add things you may buy in the future. Apply this feature in your Shopify store. When a customer visits your store, they go through a plethora of options where they may find the better alternative for the product they are looking for.

Wishlist can be a great option for them. They assist customers in adding things they want to buy later. Use the reminder option through emails or push notifications about something they saved. They might return to buy it.

5. Facilitating International Expansion

For businesses expressing their concern to expand on a global scale, a well-founded strategy outlines the steps for entering new markets, including considerations for local currencies, payment methods, and adapting to cultural differences. Shopify Plus offers multi-currency and international domain specifications. Leverage more efficiently with a coherent plan.

6. Aim for Bespoke Customer Shopping Experience

We are aware of why customer convenience matters! Time is important for both parties, seller and customer, so understanding what the customer wants is key to a successful eCommerce business. Being a Shopify business owner, it would help if you stayed focused on leveraging customer data and AI algorithms to deliver tailored product suggestions and target advertisements.

In the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can’t afford to deprive your customer of the comfort of convenience. For instance, in the ongoing eCommerce realm, Amazon uses data analysis and AI to recommend products based on customer browsing history. Implement these tools for your Shopify Plus business too.

Transform Your Shopify Plus Store with Data-Driven Insights!

Shopify is supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, the world’s biggest brands, and everyone in between

7. Sail the Sea of Social Media with Influencers Marketing

Influencers are popular personalities on social media who regularly share their lifestyle insights online with followers. Millennials too trust influencers before making their buying decision. You, too, can sail the sea of social media to expand the reach of your target audience. Big brands are utilizing the power of social media influencers to promote their products and improve eCommerce sales.

8. Stay Connected with Your Customers 24* 7

Are you wondering how to increase Shopify sales through customer support? Here is the answer! Getting in touch with your customers can add great value to building a brand image. Always revert to customer queries quickly, as it shows you value their time and concerns. Explore another customer support channel for better convenience, such as live chat, email, and phone support, to match diverse customer requirements.

Collect valuable customer feedback about their support experiences. Such information will guide you to evaluate areas of improvement and redefine your Shopify business strategies.

9. Maximize Retention with Customer Loyalty Programs

We all love being part of an exclusive club. From the customer’s perspective, they acclaim the extra efforts made by the seller like personalized communication, and active involvement in their brand shopping journey. They are chasing more than just a routine shopping experience. Offer them exclusive content, sneak a peek, and acknowledge their feedback. Believe us, it counts! It makes a strong impression on them for being valued and understood.

For example, you can offer them free goodies, points to exchange for instant discounts, prime-members subscription offers, early launch access, free shipping, and more.

10. Adapting to Ongoing Market Trends

The eCommerce landscape is evolving at a faster pace. A well-planned Shopify marketing strategy includes procedures for keeping ahead of industry trends, adapting to changing consumer buying behaviors and leveraging new technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

Shopify Plus marketing strategies heavily rely on customer requirements and they change rapidly, so you need to keep up the pace. In early 2022, based on Statista data, around 68% of global consumers preferred buying something online if they could get it delivered for free. Such trends open the arena of free shipping. So, being an updated Shopify seller, keep your keen eyes on such statistics and update your marketing strategies accordingly

Statista data


We hope all these valuable ideas will help in raising your Shopify store sales. Get your Shopify store noticed in this ferocious competitive eCommerce industry and attract more organic visitors to your Shopify store.

Harness the precious knowledge from this guide, implement it wisely in your Shopify business, and witness your Shopify store transformation in no time. Want a trustworthy Shopify expert? Ignitiv is available 24*7 for all your Shopify store-related queries. Connect to our experts and get more sales on Shopify now!


To enhance the revenue on Shopify Plus, you need to focus on optimizing conversion rate through split testing, improving site speed, and delivering a memorable customer experience. Implementing advanced personalization strategies to target customers more impactfully and leveraging automation tools like Shopify Flow to streamline operations can also significantly boost your ROI.

Mobile optimization is critical for boosting ROI as a considerable portion of e-Commerce traffic comes from mobile devices. Always make sure your Shopify Plus store is well-optimized for mobile users, with a responsive design and fast loading times. It can significantly enhance how users interact with your product, increase sales, and improve overall profitability.

Yes! The prime goal of Shopify Plus is to minimize the overall cost of ownership through its flexible integration options, APIs, and automated workflows. Low ownership costs will lead to lower customer acquisition costs and improve ROI.

There are multiple factors responsible for the low Shopify conversion rate. For instance, poor customer experience, customers cannot navigate the products on your website smoothly, and slow website loading speed. Customers are expecting a seamless buying journey on your website. If you fail to deliver flawless UI, it may severely hamper your brand image and eventually result in a low conversion rate.

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Businesses are built to generate profit. ROI is a profit indicator element that helps you rank investment alternatives and figure out areas of investment. It will help in minimizing the investment in the marketing channels that are performing poorly in profit generation. Investment in SEO, Facebook ads, and other promotional channels are used to calculate ROI and figure out how much return you’ve been making overall. Once you gain deep insights into your ROI data, you can plan your business strategies accordingly.

Build Future-proof Customer Experiences

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