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Ignitiv delivers a comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) solution that combines a customer-first approach with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data-driven insights to solve the needs of your target audience. We create highly relevant and lasting enterprise commerce solutions that deliver great experiences at any stage of your business lifecycle.

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    CX Solutions


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    Changes to optimize the customer interactions across channels


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      Customer Experience Solutions

      Your Unified customer experience Management Solution

      A great customer experience isn’t something you achieve one time but something you pursue and develop over time to achieve the best results. Ignitiv is a leading CX ecommerce solution company that transforms your customer journey by providing exceptional experiences at every touch point, starting with first contact and continuing throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

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        Ensuring relevant and consistent customer experiences across all devices and channels.


        Fueled by AI and Business automation for intuitive and integrated operations.


        Real-time personalization so that the right customer gets the right experience.

        CX Solutions for Any Business

        Technological advancements such as smartphones, the cloud, and IoT have revolutionized how customers interact with a brand. Therefore, every business must embrace digital transformation to keep up with the changing customer expectations to retain and attract new customers. Our team of trusted experts not only helps businesses improve customer experience but also thrive.

        Expert Advisors

        We have a trusted team of technological experts and certified consultants.

        Customer First

        Our result-oriented digital approach puts customers at the center of the process.

        CX solutions and offerings

        We offer a comprehensive CX-design approach for outstanding results by mapping customer journeys and conducting brainstorming sessions. Our AI-powered, human-centric solutions improve customer satisfaction by analyzing your business process and challenges.

        From generating ideas and identifying opportunities to developing prototypes before launch and scale, we offer deeper insights into your customer interactions so that your brand can connect with customers seamlessly and effectively.

        Whether you want a BOPIS implementation for your storefront or implementing cloud services or headless Commerce – our developers’ can help you bring your vision to life. With years of implementation experience, we are confident to launch it faster and better than anyone else.

        Our CX Solution implementation uses the latest core technologies like full-stack development or PWA (Progressive Web Apps) to deliver unmatched eCommerce experiences across B2B, B2C, or Enterprise-level platforms.

        Successful CX implementation is not a one-time process but involves regular innovation and development for maximum impact. We design, implement and effectively manage customer experience across your channels to achieve proven results.

        Ongoing customer experience analysis and constant improvement set businesses apart from the competition. At Ignitiv, we ensure sustainable business growth through rigorous testing and ongoing learning for continuous improvement.

        CX Solutions FAQs

        CX Solutions are strategies, tools, and technologies that aim to enhance and optimize the overall experience a customer has when interacting with your eCommerce platform. It includes various elements such as website design, user interface, personalization, customer journey, and more. Digital CX solutions are designed to create a seamless, engaging, and customer-centric experience. It results in higher satisfaction, increased conversions, and improved customer loyalty.

        DX stands for digital experience while CX stands for customer experience. DX solutions help businesses to incorporate digital technologies into processes, solutions, products and customer interaction points to provide better overall value. Whereas, CX solutions help businesses create and improve customer experiences by analyzing, tracking and measuring their experiences for better customer satisfaction and retention.

        Customer experience systems or CX systems are technology-driven systems that helps businesses analyze data to understand customer behavior, taste and preferences to create personalized and better experiences for their customers. It helps in enhanced customer experience and increased satisfaction for more customer retention.

        No both CX and CRM are different but they are related to each other. While CX system focuses on the customers’ experiences to gain a deeper understanding of customer journey at various touch points for improving their experiences, CRM system only deals with customer data and customer interaction for better customer service.

        A CX platform is a digital solution that helps businesses to analyze, measure, manage and enhance eCommerce customer experiences by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about the interactions of customers with the business.

        CX management is crucial for companies as it helps in increasing customer engagement, customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and loyalty. CX-focused enterprise ecommerce solutions help businesses to provide exceptional experiences to their customers in a personalized and dynamic way.

        Yes. The goal of CX (customer experience) is to delight customers at every interaction point of their eCommerce journey. Satisfaction rate and loyalty metrics can provide you an insight on CX success. A UX (user experience), on the other hand, aims to enhance the usability and design of a product from the beginning to the end.

        Customer experience focuses on the entire journey, while customer success emphasizes achieving desired outcomes through the product/service. CX is holistic, while customer success is outcome-oriented.

        Yes, AI-driven insights and automation enhance CX by predicting customer preferences, enabling personalized recommendations, providing instant support, and optimizing processes.

        A robust CX strategy includes understanding customer personas, mapping journeys, setting clear goals, leveraging technology, fostering a customer-centric culture, and ongoing measurement and optimization.

        Unified CX Solutions streamline and integrate different aspects of the customer experience, including design, personalization, and support. It allows businesses to create a top-notch shopping experience that provides better customer satisfaction.

        Cloud-Based CX Solutions offer scalability, flexibility, and accessibility. It allows businesses to adapt to changing customer needs efficiently. Also, it helps to scale the business operations and provide real-time services.

        CX Solutions & Services helps in improving website design, user interface, and shopping process. You can create a more user-friendly and engaging shopping experience that will ultimately boost your eCommerce sales and customer retention.

        Real-Time CX Solutions provide immediate responses and personalized experiences to users. They improve user engagement, increase conversions, and help businesses make real-time data-driven decisions.

        CX Solutions and Offerings typically include website design, mobile optimization, personalization tools, customer support services, analytics, and more. Using these offerings eCommerce businesses can provide seamless shopping experiences.

        CX Advanced Solutions leverages advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to provide highly personalized customer experiences. It helps eCommerce businesses stay competitive and meet changing customer expectations.

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