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CX Solutions – eCommerce

Ignitiv collaborates with clients to deliver eCommerce solutions that give results – revenue growth, better conversions and higher average order values. The leadership has been doing this for over 20 years across different models – B2B or B2C or B2B2C and across different industries. As a consequence, we understand the nuts and bolts required to make an eCommerce site successful. Clients such as HomeHardware, Canada Post, Cracker Barrel, LKQ Corporation are proof of our expertise.

We work with leading commerce platforms such as those from Kibo, Oracle and Adobe. And those who want to evolve to a headless architecture, we have deep and proven expertise in micro-services architecture too. We have proven how design in the context of eCommerce can extend the envelope of customer experience. We are experts at integrating both enterprise data and 3rd party services to ensure each interaction is optimized. And that includes all major ERPs and Order Management platforms including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and other. As also, 3rd party services such as Reviews, Personalization, Campaign Management, GTM and others. And we understand how conversion rate can be increased through site refreshes, additional use cases in an incremental managed services model.

As we dive into the post-Covid economy, we help address some of the most central challenges facing eCommerce managers today:

  • How do you use strategies such as BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up in Store), SFS (Ship / fulfill from store)?
  • How do you use best personalization for a higher conversion rate?
  • How do you re-architect your site for better performance and reliability?
  • How do you create and bring to life a mobile first design?

Successful eCommerce clients are a proof of our capabilities.


Have you planned your eCommerce re-platforming properly? Talk to us. We will walk you through an essential checklist of items you should be prepared with.

eCommerce Analytics

Are you not getting the right analytics from your free Google Analytics account? Have you outlived its usefulness? If so, talk to us. We will do a free audit of your eCommerce analytics.

Holiday Readiness

For many eCommerce merchants, the holidays season is when the maximum sales happens. Is your site ready for 2020 holidays season? Talk to us. We will do a free audit and discuss 2020 holidays essentials for eCommerce based on experience with many other clients.