Whoever understands the customer best, wins.

–Mike Gospe

Customer Insights

As the worldwide economy evolves to being an experience driven one, companies realize that the single most important strategic driver for them is customer experience. The cost of acquiring a customer is 5 times that of keeping an existing one. One bad experience at 1 touchpoint and 1/3rd of the customers can switch. And finally, investments in customer experience initiatives have the potential of doubling the revenue. Digital technologies have made it possible for organizations to transform their customers’ experience with the ability to gather customer data across channels – both digital and otherwise and derive insights from that to improve customer experience at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Ignitiv places such importance on customer insights as a strategic tool that we have purpose-built a subsidiary company dedicated to such an effort – Mantix.ai. Mantix addresses uses cases around Marketing, Sales and Customer Operations to derive insights that directly impact the bottomline. Use cases in marketing such as Customer Journey Mapping, Market Mix Modelling, Campaign Optimization and Customer Segmentation. In Sales such as next best offers, lead prioritization, conversion rate optimization and Sales Forecasting. And in Customer Operations such as Inventory Optimization, Call Center Optimization, Service Mix Optimization and Channel Profitability.

We do this with an array of technologies from open source to cloud based providers across data Ingestion, Data Modeling, Analytics Visualization, Machine Learning and AI powered applications.

Mantix.ai – the Customer Experience AI Company

Commerce Analytics

Go beyond the free Google Analytics. We will show you can use customer insights to drive transformative growth. All within your budget. You will also receive an extremely useful whitepaper.

Customer Insights

Do you have a holistic Customer Insights strategy? If not, talk to us. We will help you build a customer insights platform from open source and cloud components that will yield the best ROI.