What Is Magento Customization and Why Is It Important?

Magento Customization Important

With their support for trends like Headless, Magento-powered storefronts are known for their ability to deliver flexible look, content, and functionality. Many eCommerce companies value Magento for the following reasons:

  • Customization of storefront design
  • Limited need for coding experience for making tweaks to the eCommerce store designs
  • Creation of fast and user-friendly websites
  • Support for a variety of website hosting services

One of the top reasons for the growing Magento support is that it’s fully open-source and customizable. For a Magento developer, the Magento Community Edition (CE) is completely free to install and use. And with the growing number of Magento extensions, Magento developers can easily optimize and modify eCommerce stores.

But what does Magento customization entail, and why is it so important? Let’s discuss.

What Is Magento Customization?

Magento customization refers to working on specific parts of an online store to improve the chances of shoppers purchasing products. Magento customization is not a “one-step” process but comprises continuous improvements to the eCommerce store. After all, to stay trendy and user-friendly, eCommerce stores must keep updating their website design, content, and overall functionality.

Why Is Magento Customization Important?

42% of online shoppers don’t mind paying more when a user-friendly shopping experience is facilitated. Every eCommerce brand wants to create unique shopping experiences and have its own brand appeal. Magento supports this inclination towards creating superior experiences by offering a wide range of customization options encompassing:

  • Custom themes
  • Custom extensions
  • eCommerce modules
  • Checkout page customization

Here are some reasons why it’s important to customize the Magento-powered website:

  • Provides customers with exactly what they are looking for in an eCommerce store, thus ensuring improved customer satisfaction
  • Boosts the order management process by meeting upcoming customer demands and handling higher order volumes
  • Brings to light the brand identity with customized web design on the back of elements like fonts, logos, images, and content

Benefits of Magento Customization

Here are some of the benefits of customizing the Magento-powered store for eCommerce brands:

1. Seamless Scalability

With Magento customization, eCommerce brands can scale up their online business how they want. For instance, new businesses can design their store with basic functionalities. They can then adopt Magento’s advanced features to switch to a more sophisticated store over time or scale their online store as per their business’s expansion.

2. Improved SEO

Customized development equips Magento stores with SEO capabilities, which enable more customers to find the online store. For instance, Magento developers can create SEO-friendly URLs and product pages. Besides, with its customization options, Magento developers can now create mobile-responsive websites — compatible with all devices and screen sizes.

3. Faster Page Loading

The average page loading time of the top 10 eCommerce sites is around 1.96 seconds. Higher loading time can adversely impact conversions, SEO ranking, and incoming traffic. With customized Magento development, eCommerce businesses can optimize their loading and query processing time, thus saving the customer’s time and improving the chances of engagement and conversions.

Page Load Time Statistics

4. Unique Shopping Experience

With the latest Magento version, developers can customize every area of the online store to suffice the business requirements. This includes customizing the product, payment, and checkout pages. These varied customization options create a unique shopping experience for users.

5. Website Security

The eCommerce industry is invariably a target for cyber attackers because of the amount of personal data it houses. In fact, a report claimed that as much as 29% of eCommerce website traffic has malicious intentions. With Magento, eCommerce sites can protect themselves from cyberattacks with various security features, including data encryption, reCAPTCHA, password management, two-factor authentication, etc.

Ready to Implement Headless on your Magento Store?

Which Magento Customization Options Are the Most Common?

Overall, Magento offers a host of customization options to its developers. Here are some of the most common functionalities that are likely to be customized for maximum impact:

1. Checkout Page

On any eCommerce site, the checkout page is the most important page to collect the customer’s information. Using Checkout extensions, Magento developers can easily add new customized fields on the checkout page, which can satisfy order fulfillment requirements.

2. Product Shipping Method

Customized shipping ensures that the eCommerce store does not incur higher order fulfillment costs than the accrued profits. With Magento’s customizable shipping options, businesses can customize their shipping methods to match the customer’s requirements.

3. Customized Order Number

Order numbers enable eCommerce stores to streamline the orders, deliveries, and invoices. Additionally, businesses can estimate their sales volume easily by looking at order figures (calculated using order numbers).

With Magento, developers can customize their order numbers by:

  • Manually updating the customer order database
  • Installing and using third-party modules designed for customer order numbers

4. Customized Images

Magento enables eCommerce sites to optimize their product images and landing pages. It offers a variety of image extensions to add customized images to product listing pages. Besides this, Magento enables store owners to customize their:

  • Product details
  • Customer registration forms
  • Price lists

With the assistance of a qualified Magento solution partner, eCommerce companies can explore more customization options to improve their brand appeal.

The Ignitiv Advantage

As a certified Magento development agency, Ignitiv can help you out with a host of related services in solution development, consulting, migration, and customer support.

Our end-to-end development and Magento customization services are designed to drive your eCommerce business growth and success. Our Magento team can also help you integrate the Magento system with third-party tools like ERP and CRM.

Interested in knowing more about Magento customization? Connect with us to learn more.

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