Magento 2.4.7 Beta Release

Magento 2.4.7 Beta Release

The world of Magento development is rife with creativity and innovation, and the curtains rise once again with the unveiling of the Magento 2.4.7-beta1 release. As the digital landscape evolves, so does the pulse of Magento, echoing with security advancements, platform enhancements, and a series of improvements that make a lot of sense for developers and merchants alike. This explains why the platform is soaring through the ranks and being used by more and more websites. In fact, the latest analysis suggests that it’s only behind WooCommerce and Shopify when it comes to the number of websites using it.

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On June 13, 2023, Magento Open Source 2.4.7-beta1 and Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1 were released. Magento 2.4.7-beta1 release has been tested on eight component versions, including Composer 2.5, Varnish 7.3, MariaDB 10.6, Elasticsearch 8.5, and more.

What’s New in Magento Open Source 2.4.7-beta1?

2.4.7-beta1 version of Magento Open Source offers more than 140 noteworthy advances and updates, with Core Composer and other external libraries having been boosted. That said, here’s a rundown of what’s new in the Magento 2.4.7 beta release.

Improvements on the Security Front

At the core of this release lies a commitment to fortify the security posture. 13 security improvements have been made, with Adobe confirming that no attacks pertaining to these have been recorded.

For sure, Magento 2.4.7-beta1 fortifies security with steadfast assurance, shielding customer information and safeguarding administrator accounts. However, Adobe does advise taking steps to protect Admin so as to not leave any doors open for malicious actors to exploit. In that light, there’s a focus on implementing two-factor authentication, using VPN, maintaining good password hygiene, etc.

Platform Enhancements

The very bedrock of Magento is enriched with enhancements that empower developers to chart new horizons. Magento 2.4.7-beta1 ushers in compliance with the most up-to-date security standards and offers the inclusion of RabbitMQ 3.11 support while retaining compatibility with RabbitMQ 3.9.

The release is compatible with Varnish cache 7.3 as well as versions 6.0.x and 7.2.x. Furthermore, the release introduced Composer 2.5.x while retaining compatibility with Composer 2.2.x. This specifically translates into improved dependency management.

GraphQL Caching Improvements

With GraphQL being the quill through which modern interactions are penned, Magento 2.4.7-beta1 takes it a step further. GraphQL now incorporates caching mechanisms to bolster the query process, enhancing both speed and efficiency.

This new release augments GraphQL caching efficacy and bolsters the GraphQL schema with support for custom attributes and facilitation of sharper page loading speed.

Page Builder Advancements

Magento Open Source 2.4.7-beta1 and Page Builder version 1.7.4 are compatible, allowing for optimal implementation of the advanced capabilities of Page Builder to augment the quality of one’s website. Further, this release comes with some fixes to the prevalent Page Builder issues. For example:

  • Column display issues have been resolved.
  • Adding a dynamic block doesn’t return an error even when it’s done with no content.
  • The issue regarding item quantity duplication on the shopping cart has been addressed.

PWA Studio Revamp

Magento 2.4.7-beta1 is compatible with PWA Studio v.13.2.x, enabling businesses to craft enthralling storefronts and bringing forth Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) with the true capacity to revolutionize user engagement.

Open Source 2.4.7-beta1 of Magento has been tailored to offer enhanced compatibility with PWA Studio and introduce a horde of optimizations facilitating heightened usability, accessibility, and extensibility.

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A Host of Fixed Issues

Apart from the introduction of various new versions of the frameworks discussed above, the Magento 2.4.7-beta1 release welcomes various bug fixes. Here’s a rundown of the most pertinent ones for businesses:

  • Installation, upgrade, and deployment fixes with improvements to database backup, Varnish configuration, and error messages.
  • Cart and checkout fixes with reduced instances of errors being thrown. This directly translates into a better user experience. For example, when a product is “out of stock,” the cart query doesn’t throw an error and lead users to a blank page.
  • Catalog improvements with enhancements to product thumbnail image display, product count display, main product image display, etc. Customers are now even notified of product price drops, provided they have subscribed to such alerts.

Many more such improvements across email, coupons, frameworks, gift cards, Google reCAPTCHA, GraphQL, Login, Orders, Payment, etc., have been made that well and truly work to uplift the overarching customer experience being facilitated via Magento development.

Our Verdict on Magento 2.4.7 Beta Release

In summation, the unveiling of Magento Open Source 2.4.7-beta1 stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation within the Magento ecosystem. With every feature, every security enhancement, and every bug fix, the digital realm of commerce is revitalized with new possibilities for developers and merchants alike.

This latest iteration of Magento Open Source is more than just an update; it’s a significant platform revamp. There have been 140 quality fixes. Third-party libraries have been upgraded to the latest versions, and so have been Composer dependencies. From the all-encompassing security improvements to the exhilarating array of new features, the 2.4.7-beta1 release brings forth tools and capabilities for interminable growth.

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