In the era of digitalization, the eCommerce site serves as the brand’s face and the window for customer interaction. To ensure a smooth buyer journey, continuous optimization is a must. Ongoing eCommerce website support facilitating responsive design, integrating payment processors, accommodating ever-evolving digital user experience, etc., is essential.

A successful eCommerce venture requires constant attention and platform restructuring to stay ahead of the competitors. This brings us to the logical choice of an eCommerce platform that can ease this process and help expedite the required support. Favorably, the open-source platform Magento suffices in this regard and yields a plethora of its innate strengths to help businesses grow and succeed online.

So, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of ongoing support, let’s put things into perspective with a quick rundown of Magento’s features and capabilities.

Top Benefits of Opting for Magento for eCommerce

There are multiple reasons why Magento can be the ideal choice for your eCommerce site

  • It’s an “open-source platform,” implying that businesses can change the base code per needs and offer the best customer experience.
  • Magento facilitates responsive design for the eCommerce site.  More than 70% of retail eCommerce is being carried out via mobile — stressing that an eCommerce site must have a responsive design to infuse consistency into the shopping experience across different screen resolutions.
  • With Magento, businesses can create personalized profiles of their customers – a feature that helps the eCommerce website tailor a customer-specific experience.
  • Magento offers user-friendly checkout options and speedy checkouts for regular and repeat customers.
  • A built-in advanced search feature offered by Magento is what the customer seeks while browsing for their favorite product.
  • The Magento platform can scale and be flexible depending on the changing needs of a business.
  • Most importantly, Magento possesses the ability to keep tempo with the change.

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The Ongoing eCommerce Website Support You Need

It is not enough to have an eCommerce site up and running. Constant monitoring and maintenance are necessary to keep the business in top form and limit customer churn. At the end of the day, the eCommerce site should be as dynamic as the business, and for that to happen, you can’t have a static website dependent on scheduled, periodic maintenance and updates.

This is where ongoing Magento website support and maintenance come to the fore. Ongoing support for the eCommerce site implies that it’s under constant vigil for any issues, and they’re taken care of as soon as they are spotted. These issues could be, for example, broken or unresponsive links that can disrupt the customer experience and hurt the business.

Some of the areas where eCommerce sites need ongoing support include:

Regular Update

Suppose you are planning to relaunch an existing product with new enhanced features. In that case, the eCommerce site should have that information, and that’s only possible when it’s regularly updated and there is constant vigilance on the type of content that goes up.

Ongoing Security Measure

With workloads being transferred to the cloud, security has become one of the prime necessities. To that end, patching to help identify broken, dead-end, or unresponsive links that can hurt the site traffic and conversions is one of the ongoing support activities the eCommerce site needs.

Changing Customer Demands

Market trends change invariably, and so do customers’ preferences. To meet the customers’ changing demands, businesses need the eCommerce design to be dynamic and on par with the changing trends. Refactoring is one of the ways to stay relevant to your customer’s needs without disrupting and disturbing their online experience.

Effective Communication

Another area where eCommerce website support is needed is on the communication front. Managing various communication channels ensures that the customer can seamlessly get in touch with the support team via call, email, text, or message. To that end, the business needs a way to track communication and ensure that support channels are constantly being attended to.

Ongoing website support and maintenance is essential, and this is where the aforementioned open-source platforms like Magento come into play. As elucidated above, Magento offers numerous benefits, and favorably, it can also help businesses overcome challenges while providing ongoing support to the eCommerce site.

Providing the Much-Needed Ongoing Support

An eCommerce site is never complete. It needs constant upgradation and vigilance to stay relevant to the customers. But while it is manageable when the business is small, it can become difficult for all the stakeholders to keep track of the eCommerce website’s traffic as it scales.

Therefore, one of the main aspects of ongoing eCommerce website support is having a dedicated support team or partner always on the lookout for any challenges or issues. For instance, addressing the customers’ pain points with an immediate effect is the way to build the confidence of the returning visitors. When done right, it can become one of the most relevant factors behind customer retention and loyalty, not to mention the associated web traffic and conversions.


With ongoing support activities, eCommerce sites are secured as any issue is tackled with an immediate effect. For instance, having an Magento eCommerce website, businesses don’t need to create an SEO-friendly site, as the Magento platform is itself an SEO-friendly platform. Cart abandonment and customer churn are other challenges you can overcome by practicing these ongoing website support and maintenance activities.

Considering that the competition within eCommerce is fierce, every eCommerce business must have a robust website with ongoing equally robust support.

Ignitiv is the partner of choice when businesses need to craft integrated digital experiences that deliver increased profitability, brand ubiquity, and customer loyalty. With an eCommerce site always under ongoing support, businesses can enjoy the benefits of increased security, improved conversions, and better scalability.

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