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Are you running your eCommerce site on Magento? If so, you may have encountered challenges in processing orders, tracking inventory, and fulfilling orders, especially if you’re still using the outdated Magento 1 version.

Managing an eCommerce business effectively requires efficiency, organization, and real-time data to handle complex shipping schedules, stockouts, and prevent customer dissatisfaction from delayed deliveries.

The optimal solution is Magento 2 OMS integration.

According to Forrester, By 2026, the OMS Software market is expected to nearly double, reaching $1.9 billion globally. OMS software is essential for digital businesses, offering key capabilities such as enterprise-level inventory visibility, store fulfillment, distributed order management, and customer service.

OMS Software market

By 2026, the OMS Software market is expected to nearly double, reaching $1.9 billion globally.

Source: Forrester Report

In this guide, we’ll understand what is Magento order management system, its advantages, key features, and the top three order management solutions compatible with Magento.

What is Magento 2 OMS?

Magento 2 OMS (Order Management System) is a robust solution for handling orders on the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. It features order tracking, inventory management, and real-time updates, all within a centralized system.

Designed to simplify the overall order management experience, OMS for Magento 2 is scalable and can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Key Features of Magento 2 OMS

1. Order Tracking

Keep tabs on all orders effortlessly. Magento’s order management system excels in tracking orders, shipment timelines, and customer messages. The system ensures swift responses from sales or customer service teams through email and live chats.

2. Inventory Management

Magento 2 OMS (Order Management System) is a robust solution for handling orders on the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. It features order tracking, inventory management, and real-time updates, all within a centralized system.

Around 60% of online shoppers in the United States expressed that their shopping behavior was influenced by out-of-stock issues

Source: Statista

3. Efficient Order Fulfillment

Effortlessly manage orders with Magento’s user-friendly panel. Get insights into order origins, processing merchants, expected shipment details, and order processing status, facilitating efficient order fulfillment.

4. Distributed Order Management

Ideal for businesses with multiple locations, Magento OMS handles multi-location orders. Whether from large warehouses or overseas offices, the DOMS ensures orders are dispatched collectively instead of one by one.

5. Customer Service

Magento 2 OMS takes customer service seriously. Acting as a versatile “phone tree,” it allows customers to connect with specific departments through live chat, timely email responses, and SMS notifications, ensuring a proactive customer experience.

6. Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS)

Magento integrates with POS systems for diverse payment acceptance. It accepts customer payments by reading and transmitting their credit card information to the backend system.

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Benefits of Magento 2 OMS

Streamlined Order Processing

With Magento, you can speed up your order fulfillment and streamline the entire order process. It allows easy order management for better efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Real-time Inventory Visibility

Stay in control with instant inventory updates. It provides real-time visibility, minimizing stockouts, and enhancing inventory management accuracy.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Boost customer satisfaction with Magento 2 order management system. With swift order processing and accurate inventory information provide a positive and reliable shopping experience.

Scalable Performance

Grow effortlessly with Magento 2 OMS’s scalable architecture. As your business expands, the OMS scales to meet increased demands, ensuring consistent performance and order accuracy.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain valuable insights effortlessly through Magento’s reporting capabilities. Its tailored reports empower data-driven decisions by helping you refine strategies for better business outcomes.

Multi-channel Order Management

Effortlessly manage orders across various channels. Magento 2 OMS easily integrates with your existing system to provide a unified, streamlined order fulfillment process.

Improved Operational Efficiency

You can optimize your business operations with OMS for Magento 2 which automates order processing and inventory management. It allows you to minimize manual efforts and errors for a better eCommerce experience.

Drawbacks of Magento 2 OMS

While Magento 2 OMS offers robust features, it’s important to note its limitations. Its out-of-the-box OMS capabilities may be limited and need additional customization. This customization process can be resource-intensive, potentially impacting time and costs.

Beyond the limitation of resource-intensive customization, the Magento OMS also faces challenges in handling complex orders. This limitation could impact businesses with intricate order structures or specific processing requirements.

So it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate these considerations and explore alternative solutions to ensure seamless and tailored order management that aligns with your unique business needs.

Best Magento 2 OMS Alternatives in 2024

1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce OMS offers an intuitive platform with advanced order management capabilities. It simplifies order processing and inventory management for improved overall efficiency. With real-time insights, multi-channel integration, and user-friendly interfaces, it provides a smooth experience.

2. Shopify Plus

Known for its simplicity and versatility, Shopify Plus OMS is a formidable Magento 2 order management alternative. Its headless architecture provides a simplified approach to order management.

3. Kibo

Kibo is a powerful solution with end-to-end order management capabilities. It efficiently handles multi-channel orders and offers real-time visibility into inventory and order status. With flexible order routing, efficient returns processing, and advanced reporting, Kibo OMS helps businesses boost customer experiences and optimize operational efficiency. Explore Kibo OMS to simplify complex order management.


Magento OMS is a flexible solution for efficient order management. It streamlines the sales process by managing orders, monitoring stock levels, and providing excellent customer service. Imagine fewer errors, more efficiency, and a unified system that just works seamlessly.  

Features like automation, multi-channel integration, personalized reporting, and real-time order tracking are all available with Magento 2 OMS. All of these features make order processing easier by increasing accuracy, optimizing workflows, and offering a productive system for handling and fulfilling orders.

OMS for Magento 2 integrates with your Magento platform to process and manage orders in real-time. It helps in a smooth exchange of data between Magento OMS and your existing platform for real-time order processing and management.

Magento OMS provides real-time visibility into inventory levels and minimizes overstocking or stockouts. With features like automated order processing and precise inventory tracking, Magento assures accurate and efficient inventory management. 

Yes, Magento OMS helps reduce order processing errors by automating the order processing system. Its features like order validation and real-time visibility significantly cut down on the need for hands-on tasks to lessen the chance for mistakes.  

Magento OMS facilitates multi-channel order management by integrating with various sales channels. It helps in the efficient handling of multi-channel orders, streamlining the entire process. 

Yes, OMS for Magento 2 is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It easily scales to meet the growing needs of both small businesses and large enterprises.


Choosing the right Order Management System (OMS) for your eCommerce business is crucial. While OMS for Magento 2 streamlines orders and boosts customer satisfaction, it may require heavy customization, impacting time and costs. Handling complex orders can also be a challenge with Magento OMS. Alternatives like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, and Kibo offer user-friendly features and diverse capabilities. Consider your business needs and scalability when deciding the right OMS for your business.

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