A trusted and strategic partner of Kibo since its inception

About Ignitiv / Kibo Partnership

Ignitiv is a strategic partner of Kibo since its inception. Since then, Ignitiv has delivered on Commerce solutions complete with personalization and order management for many clients across diverse industries with both B2C and B2B models. As a result of our learnings from these engagements, our knowledge of the platform is impeccable and our credentials proven. We have the largest team of Kibo experts in the partner community. Whether your strategy warrants the use of one site or multi-site, digital only or omni-channel, B2C only or B2C and B2B and the need to integrate to different ERP systems, our Kibo cloud commerce experts will ensure a solution that maximizes the use of all possible capabilities of Kibo, optimized to achieve your business goals. Because of our experience with multiple clients we have integrated Kibo with many enterprise and mid market ERP vendors, PIMs, 3rd party services such as Tax, Shipping, Personalization, Reviews etc. Even as we have delivered customer experiences using the most modern of mobile first interfaces designed to meet and exceed CRO targets.

About Kibo

Kibo helps clients deliver on the promise of modern retail. Kibo’s Unified Commerce Platform is a modern and extensible platform that combines AI-driven personalization from industry leaders Certona and Monetate, omnichannel commerce, and distributed order management. Global clients like Office Depot, Taco Bell and Patagonia rely on Kibo to optimize across the web, mobile, search, in-store and across each and every fulfillment touchpoint for a truly end-to-end personalized commerce experience. Retailers can easily manage supply chain logistics, ecommerce and marketing personalization through one system, centralizing strategy, increasing agility and gaining valuable customer insights that maximizes return on investment.

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Spark: Ignitiv’s Kibo Accelerator

Ignitiv Spark combines the features of the Kibo Unified Commerce Platform and a responsive, fully featured theme with smart widgets, rich extensions, smart apps and end to end integration connectors, based on a rapid delivery model. With such an approach, more than 75% of customer requirements can be pre-configured out of the box.

Ignitiv Kibo / Netsuite Connector

Ignitiv’s Kibo Netsuite Connector provides comprehensive, industrial strength and enterprise grade, bi-directional integration between Kibo Unified Commerce Platform and Netsuite ERP for product information, pricing and promotions, inventory data, orders, customers and fulfillment. Built using open source tools such as Apache Camel, this prebuilt integration solution takes away the biggest risk in an eCommerce implementation and jumpstarts the implementation process saving time and money. Ignitiv has similar solutions for other mid-market and tier 1 enterprise ERPs such as JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite.