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We have witnessed immense growth in the launch and use of eCommerce platforms. eCommerce solutions enable companies to build new revenue streams, target a wider audience, and innovate new offerings. eCommerce solutions are taking root across the B2B, B2C, and B2B2C sectors and traditional as well as modern companies are hoping to leverage the power of eCommerce to enrich the customer experience. But due to the growing competition and dynamic customer expectations, it has become challenging to enhance conversion rates and revenue per session for all eCommerce sites.

In that context, customer experience has become critical to achieving brilliant outcomes on the eCommerce journey. A great customer experience can help smoothen the buyer journey, make it easy for buyers on the eCommerce platform to find products and learn more about them, and make a purchase. Customer experience drives customer engagement and customer loyalty. To that end, it is essential to understand customer preferences and requirements to keep improving experience levels. It’s important to know exactly what is working and what isn’t, as seen through the eyes of the customer.

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One of the mechanisms to assure the same is A/B Testing.

Overview and Working – A/B Testing

A/B testing, also referred to as split testing is the process of creating two variants of the same web page or application screen to understand the audience response on the respective versions. The testing mechanism helps to determine the customer experience on the variants and promotes the conversion rates accordingly by observing and analyzing usage patterns.

The methodology behind the A/B testing is simple. The eCommerce team develops a second version of the web page or an application screen that is different in a limited number of significant elements. This is often done without rolling out wildly different versions of the app but by modifying a particular heading, changing the placement of the UI elements, or a partial re-design of some specific sections of the screen space. Once the modifications are complete, the team launches both versions of the web platform to similar customer segments. A section of the web traffic gets to see the original version while the other section gets access to the modified version.

The team then determines the user response to the design changes. The analysis of the user experience levels provides the team with an idea of the customer expectations and requirements and what’s relevant to them.

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Significance of A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a form of a controlled experiment to better define customer psychology and the nuances of user interests. The design, visual appeal, and intuitive workflows of the eCommerce solution are major influences on the user experience and engagement levels. A/B testing provides the data-driven approach based on the customer response analytics to drive future improvements.

As customer needs keep evolving, the continuous improvement of the eCommerce solution becomes a necessity. With A/B testing, it becomes possible to continually enhance the customer experience on the eCommerce platforms based on a more data-driven understanding of customer interaction and responses.

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There is a wide range of UI elements that can be addressed in A/B test coverage to identify the experiences that are likely to drive greater impact.

  • Headlines and Titles: These are among the first elements that users notice on eCommerce sites. You can make changes to the headlines and titles to determine the visitor’s attention and attraction levels.
  • Formatting and alignment: The interests and likes of the end-users can vary based on preferred structure, formatting scheme, and alignment of the UI elements. The A/B tests provide an understanding of the most preferred options.
  • Navigation: Navigation plays an important role in determining the user experience. You can test changes in the navigation bars, theme buckets, etc. to analyze the impact on user behavior.
  • Design and layout: This involves testing and validating the overall workflow customers must traverse on the eCommerce site and the design aspects through the control and variants.

Kibo Monetate A/B Testing

Kibo, a leading eCommerce solution, enables retailers and branded manufacturers to build unified consumer experiences at a low total cost of ownership and with fast time-to-market. Obviously, companies make huge investments in eCommerce solutions with the expectations of earning revenues. Kibo makes sure that these companies are able to build data-driven and thoroughly tested platforms. Kibo also has powerful options to address the A/B Testing strategies of eCommerce companies. Let’s examine Kibo Monetate deeper in this light.

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Testing and optimization are the pillars supporting seamless customer experience and exceptional business outcomes. Kibo Monetate utilizes A/B testing to make it easier for eCommerce developers to conduct and launch experiments to gain customer insights. As we have seen, this controlled testing makes it easy to determine the impact of UI changes in real-time. It becomes possible to intelligently analyze customer preferences, interests, and requirements. A/B testing, powered by Kibo Monetate, makes it easy to obtain a holistic view of the customers and make improvements to the site to achieve reduced bounce rates and increased conversion rates.

A/B testing is a great way to understand the preferences and needs of the new-age digital customer and offer a superior customer experience. A/B testing enables eCommerce players to offer solutions to their customers that are designed to address their specific needs.

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