Cloud computing is a better way to run your business.

~ Marc Benioff

Cloud Solutions

As with other areas, even in the digital transformation of customer experience, headwinds of the post-covid world will ensure the primacy of cloud to unlock greater efficiency and innovation and drive transformation at both speed and scale. At Ignitiv we have been and continue to think of cloud natively.

At Ignitiv, with our focus on customer experience transformation, we leverage the cloud in everything we do for our clients. We focus on a full spectrum of cloud services including:

  • Cloud Application Platform Partners: Solutions based on application platform partners in areas of eCommerce, Stores, CRM, Order Management and enterprise integration. We work with partners such as Oracle, Kibo, Salesforce and others.
  • Cloud Engineering: Deep Competencies on AWS, GCP and Azure for building custom applications with speed and scale that co-exist as a part of our solution offerings. We use our Cloud Engineering capabilities to help customers transform some of their applications such as with micro-services in eCommerce and with application modernization of their enterprise applications.
  • Cloud Native Customer Analytics: The Mantix Customer Insights Platform is a cloud native customer analytics solution. Cloud components enable us to put together this platform that can handle terrabytes of customer data and provide insights at scale.

Commerce Analytics

If you are looking to adopt Micro-Services Architecture to transform your eCommerce, please talk to us. Our experienced consultants can draw upon their expertise to help guide your efforts.

Cloud Engineering

Please contact us if you are looking to build custom applications or moderning existing enterprise ones. Our experts on tools and components within AWS, GCP or Azure will ensure what you get is modern, scalable and performant. With speed and low cost.