Building eCommerce solutions that deliver great results across revenue growth, better conversions, and higher average order values is not easy. And even if brands do succeed in creating a stunning online site, getting noticed by customers in the eCommerce ocean can get extremely difficult. If you want to be found, you need to build a robust digital marketing strategy and combine it with analytics to craft integrated digital experiences that drive more customers, more revenues, and more profitability.

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Building a digital marketing strategy

When it comes to your eCommerce website being discovered, a robust growth marketing strategy lays the foundation of all your efforts. Developing your own powerful strategy can not only help you in building a fully functional inbound sales funnel; it can also tie every marketing action you take back to the larger goals of your business. The right strategy can:

  • Enable global online reach and visibility and pave the way for timely and effective targeting
  • Increase the efficiency and results of marketing tactics while also boosting engagement
  • Improve conversion rates without requiring substantial investments in terms of time or money
  • Deliver personalized content to customers and enhance customer loyalty and trust
  • Generate a consistent sales pipeline, nurture leads at every stage of the buyer journey, and bring in more sales and profits

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Top tips to get noticed

Digital marketing can open the doors to several opportunities for brands in the eCommerce space. Here are top tips that can help you get noticed:

  1. Focus on SEO: One of the first and most important steps in getting noticed in the sea of eCommerce vendors is SEO. Ranking as high as possible on search engines when people search for your products is a great way to drive organic traffic and attract new customers. Optimizing your headlines, updating your product descriptions, using targeted keywords, focusing on your metadata, fixing internal links, and strengthening your navigational structure all play a big role in how your eCommerce website ranks on search engines and the experience it provides to customers to make informed decisions.
  2. Automate campaigns: If you want to drive incremental revenue success, you need to automate your eCommerce campaigns to enable dynamic retargeting. Automated campaigns not only bring back web visitors who left without buying; they also help in turning traffic into transactions – all without consuming the time and effort of human resources. Right from automated emails to customizing user experiences – implementing always-on customer service technology and improving conversion rates through continuous A|B testing can help you build your end-to-end growth marketing strategy and drive the results you expect.
  3. Build on your content: Delivering powerful content makes it easy for your consumers to connect with your brand and to trust your expertise. The right content can help in stimulating interest in your products and services while attracting and retaining your audience and initiating the process that eventually leads to profitable customer action. Combining product storytelling and design and crafting stories via blogs, videos, and social media posts can enable you to build experiences that inform and inspire your customers while persuading them to buy your products time and again.
  4. Place the right ads: In today’s crowded and competitive digital marketplace, it’s difficult to catch your customers’ attention. If you want to build awareness and capture attention, you need to personalized ads guided by data and AI and put them at the right place in the customer journey. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to build ads, you can drive unmatched upsell and cross-sell opportunities, as well as uncover new audiences to increase your eCommerce website traffic.
  5. Ensure consistent omnichannel branding: Another tip to get found in the eCommerce ocean is to ensure consistent branding across channels, devices, and at each touchpoint in the buyer journey. In addition to creating a beautifully designed site with breathtaking visuals, make use of modern analytics techniques to gain actionable insights into customer expectations and ensure consistency across the customer journey – to gain the trust and long-term support of your customers and turn them into loyalists who will advocate for your brand.

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If you want to move from traffic to conversion, customer acquisition to customer retention, and short-term gains to long-term success, you need to first build upon your digital marketing strategy. Focusing on SEO, automating your campaigns, building on your content, placing the right ads, and ensuring consistent branding contribute greatly to your eCommerce website being found by customers and ignite your business trajectory, and enable supercharged growth for your eCommerce business.

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