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According to Forbes Advisor, 64% of business owners believe AI enhances customer relationships and improves client interactions.

E-commerce is growing too fast, and so is the demand for AI tools, and the reason is the latest technological advancements. AI in ecommerce has reshaped industries, and the pace is accelerating day by day.

In this blog, we will explore some innovative Shopify AI Tools that are improving productivity and operational efficiency.

A Brief Comparison of The Top AI Tools for Shopify

In the given table, user can access details on free and paid best Shopify AI tools:

AI Tool Name  Price   Free Trial  Major Features  
ChatGPT  $0-20  Yes  Data analysis, DALL·E image generation 
Shopify Magic  Free for Shopify Merchants  Yes  Shoppable video & photo galleries, media library, reporting & insights 
ClickUp  $0-7/Per Month  Yes  100MB storage, unlimited storage, automation 
Bazaar Voice  Custom Pricing  Yes  Shoppable galleries, social media, customizable galleries 
Prisync  $129-$579/Per Month  No  Price updates, dynamic pricing, notifications 
Boost  Custom Pricing  N/A  Intelligent search, AI search, personalized search 
ViSenze  Custom Pricing  N/A  Visual search, style attributes, advanced security 
Surfer AI  $89-$219/Per Month  No  Optimize articles, AI articles 
Runway  $0-76/Month  Yes  Credits, video projects, unlimited generations, custom storage 
JasperAI  $39-$59/Per Month  No  User seats, brand voices, unlimited usage



Best Shopify AI Tools

AI tools can help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. They can increase productivity multiplefold and simplify processes by bridging the gap.

Here are some of the Best AI tools for productivity that online merchants can integrate with Shopify.

1. ChatGPT by OpenAI

ChatGPT (a predecessor of GPT-4) is a language model created by OpenAI, and it’s great. The operating mechanism behind this platform is Natural language processing. Just give it a prompt and relax.


  • 24/7 Customer support: ChatGPT can answer customer queries promptly, which increases customer satisfaction and reduces the burden on store owners.
  • Content Generation: It can produce product descriptions, blog posts, and social media content, allowing constant and attractive communication with its customers.
  • Personalized Recommendations: ChatGPT can look at customer information to provide customized product recommendations that could improve the shopping experience.

2. Shopify Magic

Shopify Magic is a suite of AI-based tools through which you can manage your Shopify store easily.


  • Change product background: You can create and edit to put a professional image of the product on your store—all at one click. Just write some keywords related to the image, which will instantly generate the picture-perfect image.
  • Write product copy: SEO is key to ranking your website. Shopify Magic knows the essence of SEO and can help you optimize the content by producing a description that search engines recognize.
  • Quick customer support: We know how overwhelming it is to reply to many customer questions. But if satisfied, the potential buyer becomes a loyal customer. So, responding to customer questions promptly is a major part of e-commerce service. Thanks to AI tools, Shopify Magic can look into the chat and give customers solutions to their questions based on the problem. Chatbots are trained on extensive data and know how to respond to situations well.

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3. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management platform that helps reduce delivery time and increase operational efficiency. Merchants can quickly scale complex projects in a short time.


  • Project management and product development: Imagine management platforms that can increase your efficiency. ClickUp helps you manage work quickly in real time and collaborate with your team. Also, you can easily track the project and see your team’s progress. Harnessing the power of AI, ClickUp can also help you formulate documents, design the product, and map the customer journey.
  • Operational efficiency: This is one of the best Shopify AI Tools. It can help you summarize meetings using automated software so that you can focus on your goal. Everything is integrated in real time; for example, you can use a chat box while managing projects to have transparent communication.
  • Manage employees and sales: ClickUp simplifies hiring processes such as onboarding and product development. It’s like a central place for information, including confidential communication. It can also help the recruitment process and give the employee a smooth onboarding experience. Regarding sales, it can track leads and help you manage sales.

4. Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice provides software to retrieve and monitor customer reviews. Online reviews are crucial for building trust and credibility.


  • Reviews Collection: Collect reviews automatically from your customers after they have purchased.
  • Automate review moderation: Use AI to moderate user reviews, which means only validated and context-specific reviews will go public.
  • Insights and Analytics: The Shopify analyzer analyzes customer feedback to better understand trends and loopholes.

5. Runway

Runway focuses on machine learning processing for pictures and videos, enhancing visual content management.


  • Image Editing: Use AI-powered tools to edit and enhance product images quickly.
  • Video Creation: Create engaging product videos using advanced AI features.
  • Visual Mapping: Analyze visual data to understand customer preferences and trends.

6. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a content creation platform that leverages AI to assist in writing high-quality content.


  • Content Generation: This Shopify AI apps effortlessly create product descriptions, blog posts, and marketing copy.
  • SEO Optimization: Ensure your content is optimized for search engines to drive organic traffic.
  • Brand Voice: Sync the brand voice cohesively to lead the market.

7. Prisync

Profit relies on margin. Prisync analyzes competitor’s data to find the best price in the market. You can integrate it with Shopify and track and optimize all product prices in one go.


  • Manage pricing and stay competitive: This Shopify tool uses the latest techniques, like bulk data import, product variants, and price tracking. It can help you manage bulk data and stock availability to assess product pricing better.
  • Free trial and better customer support: Prisync allows you to try the product before you purchase. You can use this Shopify AI tool for a 14-day free trial. Additionally, the customer support team is very friendly, and before you get stuck in the problem for long, it helps you promptly.
  • Authentic and genuine data: It can extract real data with the highest accuracy. It has an automatic and manual evaluation team that works hard to manage and present real data.

8. Boost AI is a conversational platform that can give you an outstanding customer experience.


  • Automatic customer service: It’s an AI-powered chatbot that can quickly recognize the context and provide solutions to the customer in no time.
  • Voice call automation and generative AI: Suppose you are running a mortgage financing business, and you have data like policies, FAQs, and other bulk information on your website. Doesn’t it take more time to answer customers fetching these data manually? You have the upper hand with this Shopify AI tool. It can automate the call, understand the customer’s query, and give the resolution accordingly.
  • Higher accuracy and cost-effectiveness: It is highly effective as its backend team regularly trains this tool on quality data. So, you can take advantage of AI-powered content suggestions and track your training data in real time.

9. ViSenze

Visenze is a powerful search tool that can increase sales. It’s one of the leading retailer brands that receives billions of queries every month, and the world’s popular brands, such as ASOS, H&M, Rakuten, and Zalora, rely on it.


  • Large language model (LLM)-powered multi-search: This AI-powered platform can understand the context, combine all the chat (not limited to the keywords for the search), and give the relevant result.
  • Powerful recommendation: Recommendation is critical when you purchase a product. It helps you make a decision, and this tool has a powerful recommendation engine that can help you suggest the best product depending on your requirements, budget, and need
  • Analytics that perform: Tracking and analyzing customer data is vital. Visenze analytics gives insights and lets you know what customers are interested in and their purchasing behavior. It also suggests analyzing competitors to stay updated with trends.

10. Surfer AI

Surfer AI simplifies the whole SEO process. Trusted by more than 16,000 customers around 140 countries, Surfer AI is headquartered in Poland. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps in Product Development, Design and Marketing, Data Science and AI, Customer Support, Sales, SEO, Operations, Finance, and HR.


  • Keyword research: Keywords are at the core of SEO. Users search their queries with keywords, so understanding the voice of SERP or search engine gives you an idea about what to do or not do in terms of optimizing SEO.
  • Content editor and paraphrasing tool: AI has revolutionized the content era. But as far as content is concerned, it’s important to be relevant and convey your brand. These AI Tools for Business can help you generate traffic by cross-checking and optimizing the content, like checking the pleasure on tennis score and visibility.
  • AI detector and AI content humanizer: Google penalizes AI-generated content, and humans don’t like it. So, it’s better to check the content before you directly copy-paste it from content generated by LLM or generative AI apps, such as ChatGPT. Surfer AI helps you sound natural and makes your voice more authentic and genuine.


There are a lot of AI tools nowadays that have their relevance and can be used in different fields. AI tools help better manage the ecommerce store and improve how we approach the customer. For example, store owners can leverage AI and ML into OMS to deliver fast and manage customer demand. With these tools, we can give the proper resolution to customers in no time. Also, these AI tools are quite helpful in reaching your business goal and making the customer shopping journey smooth and delightful. You can choose the one relevant to your business and increase your productivity and operational efficiency multiple times.

AI tools for business FAQ

Some of the best AI tools are ChatGPT, DALL-E, Duet AI for Google Workspace, Google Bard, Chatsonic, Midjourney, SlidesAI, etc.

We can promote our service using marketing AI tools like Jasper and SurferSEO. Similarly, we can integrate ChatGPT or Shopify Sidekick to generate product images for customer support and Shopify Magic.

Some of the recommended marketing and conversion Shopify apps are Shopify Inbox, Instafeed, Printful, and Shopify POS (Point of Sale).

Here are some of the best tools (free and paid) for building a great store: Hatchful, Shopify Policy Generator, Loox, AfterShip, etc.

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