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One of the biggest challenges that online retailers face today is keeping up with market trends. The battle plays out on their ever-evolving front-end customer-facing web pages. The biggest problem is how to do that without creating challenges for their underlying commerce engine. Headless commerce systems are fast becoming the de-facto standard to help businesses in this regard.

Studies estimate that the global market for headless commerce solutions will be worth over USD 1.62 billion by 2027. This is a clear indicator that the technology is here to stay and grow. Of course, the biggest driver for the adoption of headless commerce is the imperative to provide an elevated customer experience. It’s fair to say that for brands concerned about customer experience, headless commerce is a key strategy today.

Let us examine 5 factors that make headless commerce the ideal solution for businesses that focus more on their user experience in online retailing.

Personalized yet consistent user experience

Headless commerce decouples the commercial engine of an eCommerce website from its user experience capabilities. This abstraction allows marketers and creative professionals to easily build engaging experiences that incorporate the brand’s vision or theme for a season or year. It enables every digital experience channel or touchpoint to offer a more personalized experience to customers while at the same time adhering to a consistent brand image and styling requirements. The commerce engine works silently in the background communicating via APIs, the required data, and as well as transactional information needed for experiences that are to be offered. This relieves creative professionals from concerns regarding the adaptability of their custom-built front-end webpages to the underlying retailing capabilities of the commerce engine.

Can headless commerce Power Retail Success?

Leverage only what’s needed

Going in for a full-stack eCommerce solution often restricts the abilities of businesses to experiment and customize the end experience to their liking. The platform vendor chips in with a set of guidelines that force brands to match their business-driven customer experience ambitions to the capabilities of the product. With headless commerce, the reverse is true. The platform has only a say in how the underlying retail transactions are managed. They are free to choose a front-end technology that can be customized to offer the experiences you deem are important for your business aspirations. This allows the brand to enjoy the best of both worlds by picking only what is needed from the underlying solution as well as a customizable CMS on the front-end.

Faster time to market

The decoupled approach of headless commerce strategies enables even a non-technical business workforce with creative skills to update and manage content on the front-end via a CMS more easily. They do not require knowledge of the underlying complexities of the eCommerce engine. This also enables new customizations and front-end web pages to be rolled out directly without burdening the IT team. The combination of these factors makes rolling new features or web pages into the market faster than when compared to a traditional eCommerce solution where front-end and back-end are tightly coupled. When new features and offers are rolled out faster with less complexity, it results in better customer engagement especially during peak or festive seasons. Thus, headless commerce offers brands a competitive advantage by helping bring features faster to the market.

The Coming Together of Headless Commerce and Order Management

Seamless extendibility and integration

Very often, there would be a need for brands to rely on 3rd party tools and platforms for creating engaging experiences. For example, certain validation tools, UI enhancement libraries or scripts, social integrations, 3rd party data collection platforms, and much more. In traditional eCommerce platforms, there might be challenges in the smooth integration of such resources that may impact the internal workflows of the commerce engine. In the case of headless commerce, no such concerns exist. Businesses get the agility to smoothly integrate any 3rd party tool or resource to extend or scale up their functionality. Upgrading or modifying these 3rd party resources over time also doesn’t cause any impact on the underlying commerce infrastructure thereby providing greater flexibility for the brand to grow its business.

Improved Reliability

Headless commerce systems offer businesses the ability to scale their front-end customer-facing channels quickly and on-demand. As mentioned above, they can seamlessly integrate with other services to counter any problems in growth like traffic spikes or security validations, and much more. They can add new marketing touchpoints with more localized flavor in different regions that can help collect, analyze and generate better marketing insights in real-time. Brands can facilitate extra bandwidth to payment systems or checkout carts to handle traffic surges in real-time without disturbing the underlying commerce workflow. Such flexibility greatly improves the reliability of the system when compared to traditional commerce systems.

As customers increasingly demand new and more engaging user experiences for their online shopping needs, brands will have to find ways to incorporate new features consistent with their vision and market demands. Headless commerce is proving to be a lifeline in such situations allowing them to freely innovate on their experience side without worrying about risks in the underlying commerce engine. Get in touch with us to know more about building a rock star online store with a headless commerce approach for your business to win over customers in 2022.

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