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  • In 2019, over 83% of US shoppers bought products online and picked them from the counter. And over 63% of the shoppers wanted to try the BOPIS service option. 
  • In a 2021 survey, 35.4% of consumers cited COVID-19 concerns as the primary reason to use BOPIS. 
  • The global market of buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) is expected to reach US $703.18 billion by 2027. 

These numbers are a testament to the increasing popularity of the BOPIS retail strategy – especially in the post-pandemic world. BOPIS provides the best of both worlds – pickup and online shopping services, making the shopping experience more convenient.

What Is BOPIS?

BOPIS (buy online, pickup in store), also known as “Click and Collect” is an online shopping option that allows customers to buy items from an online store and collect the items from the store’s local outlet or a centralized location.

As the name suggests, buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) enables customers to shop from the comfort of their homes and pick up the items when they are ready at the store. Browsing and buying online is certainly convenient compared to in-store shopping. The crowded aisles and long queues at checkout points can lead to customer dissatisfaction. BOPIS can ensure seamless funneling between in-person and online shopping channels.

How BOPIS works?

  • The customer places an online order through your website or mobile app.
  • The customer then gets the option to select the location and time of the self-pick at the time of checkout.
  • Next, the customer completes the order by making an online payment.
  • Then, the ordered item is sent to the pickup location by the retailer.
  • The associates complete the order and make it “ready to pick.”
  • A notification is sent to the customer to collect the order.
  • The order is picked up conveniently by the customer from the pick-up centre.

Benefits of BOPIS – Why Is It Getting Popular?

BOPIS is getting popular among consumers due to its quick, same-day delivery option that allows consumers to pick up their orders within a few hours without any delivery charges or delays.

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Here are some key advantages of BOPIS for consumers and retailers:

  • No Long Checkouts: A 2020 Google survey revealed that 70% of consumers planned to take necessary steps to avoid crowds at stores during the shopping season. With BOPIS, consumers don’t need to wait for long checkout lines, especially during peak shopping seasons. 
  • No Shipping Costs: Many shoppers abandon the cart due to high shipping costs. With BOPIS, customers can save the cost of shipping and still enjoy the benefits of an easy online ordering process. Retailers are also able to save on the costs of individual product packaging, home delivery, and fulfilment. 
  • Fast Service: Buying items online and picking them up an hour later is faster for shoppers who need them urgently. Online ordering with an in-store pickup facility is a way to offer instant gratification to customers. 
  • Security: When the consumer collects their order rather than having the products dropped off at home, it lends a better sense of security. BOPIS enables keeping the package safe until it is picked up by the rightful owner. 
  • Easy returns: In BOPIS, the consumers can actually touch, see and evaluate the product to determine whether it matches the description in the catalog. And return the items immediately if they are incorrect or damaged. This saves the time of return and replacement for both consumers and retailers. Also, there is no risk of in-transit damage, making it ideal for retailers dealing with perishable goods like cakes, flowers and decorative items. 
  • Social Distancing: Even in the post-pandemic world, people are inclined towards avoiding crowds. BOPIS helps accommodate that by minimizing in-person interactions while still providing convenience. 
  • Better brand awareness: Physically visiting a store provides customers with insight into all the products of a brand. This makes them more familiar with the brand’s complete product line.

BOPIS implementation with traditional Commerce

Implementing a BOPIS solution may not always be possible with traditional or legacy e-commerce platforms. A key challenge to BOPIS adoption is investing in technology that not only allows the process but also allows for different checkout options based on the needs and preference of the consumers.

The problem with traditional eCommerce platform is that they are more than a decade old and were primarily created for desktop computers, causing many enterprises to struggle with the implementation of BOPIS. In the traditional eCommerce platform, the main problems are: 

  • Restrictions in checkout capabilities.
  • Limited delivery options.
  • Making changes in the backend (which has a tightly integrated backend and frontend) can cause security vulnerabilities.
  • Time-consuming and expensive to customize the checkout process according to BOPIS.

As a result, leading brands are moving towards headless architecture to power their eCommerce platforms.

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How Headless Commerce Helps in Implementing BOPIS Successfully?

A headless commerce platform is a unique architecture that decouples the frontend experience layer and backend functionality. It shines when it comes to the required IT infrastructure for BOPIS. When the frontend (customer-facing) experience is decoupled from the backend (eCommerce operations) structure, retailers can leverage the power of APIs to create customized workflows for pickup, delivery, order, and checkout methods, thus offering a variety of pickup and delivery options.

Learn: What is headless commerce, and how it can create unique user experiences

It works on API surfaces and enables retailers to design commerce experiences, create business workflows, and integrate third-party platforms seamlessly. For example, the order workflow can be customized, and its commerce data can be integrated with other internal platforms such as payment, marketing, warehouse management system, etc.

With a headless solution, BOPIS implementation can do wonders for your business. For example, you can integrate a map in your shopping application where customers can choose the nearest store by entering the zip code. They can shop online, choose the BOPIS option at checkout, and pick up the order quickly.

With a headless solution, BOPIS implementation can do wonders for your business. For example, you can integrate a map in your shopping application where customers can choose the nearest store by entering the zip code. They can shop online, choose the BOPIS option at checkout, and pick up the order quickly.

The benefits of headless commerce do not end here. It also facilitates modern user experiences like multi-page layout options with A/B testing capabilities to help the retailers understand what works better for their customers.  Plus, it also offer a cross-device shopping experience, increased conversions with personalized processes.

The Way Forward with BOPIS

Are you an online retailer who haven’t tapped into the BOPIS opportunity yet? Embracing BOPIS can provide your customers with a more convenient experience and, ultimately, increase sales. While getting started is not complicated, it is crucial to adopt a modern unified commerce solution that can help you leverage the power of BOPIS and enable an excellent physical and digital experience.

Build Future-proof Customer Experiences

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