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Headless eCommerce steadily marches on. Today, it’s poised to occupy prime position in technology discussions across the global eCommerce market and one of the most prominent names in the Headless eCommerce space is Kibo.

For those who are new to the concept, headless commerce refers to the development approach wherein the frontend, i.e., the storefront is decoupled from the backend operational and commercial engine. This allows businesses to drive major transformational changes on both front-end and back-end technology systems without creating interoperability issues and disruptions.

Before we go into the specifics of Kibo, it is important to know why headless eCommerce is becoming a major attraction for retailers worldwide.

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The rise of eCommerce and online businesses had already been the talk of the town for the past decade. However, the COVID 19 pandemic brought about a paradigm shift in the way consumers perceived online business. When large parts of the world were shut down and mobility restricted by government authorities, nearly all major consumer spending avenues moved online. From shopping for groceries to healthcare and education, nearly every major consumer-oriented business and professional service went online to serve their customers. In 2022, studies estimate that eCommerce spending will surpass USD 5 trillion worldwide and account for over one-fifth of total retail spending.

How Headless Commerce And PWA Are Coming Together To Create Next-level eCommerce

Getting your business online is no longer just an attractive market proposition. The stakes are high and so is the competition. That’s the scenario in which all eCommerce brands are being pushed to adapt to ever-changing customer expectations. The online customer is dynamic and fickle. The customer experience imperative has created a massive demand for personalized online retail experiences by consumers. That means the customer-focused eCommerce brand must be agile and responsive.

To cater to the diverse needs of consumers, brands experiment with a lot of innovative technology that focuses on personalized selling, intuitive user experience, faster checkouts, and much more. However, when the eCommerce platform they depend on is an integrated system with limited front-end and back-end abstraction, it becomes harder to quickly offer disruptive features that help their business stand out.

These technical challenges in integrating new features may force businesses to abandon their efforts for changing the experience of the online store and this will ultimately result in loss of business to competitors who have more flexibility built into their eCommerce systems.

This is precisely where platforms like Kibo and the concept of headless commerce can create a huge impact. By empowering businesses to create dynamic storefronts representing their vision and the latest market trends, Kibo headless eCommerce offers them an opportunity to quickly adapt their business and drive customer loyalty with satisfying experiences.

Let us explore the key features of Kibo headless eCommerce that make it the best platform to build an online business today.

Can headless commerce Power Retail Success?

Highly modular architecture

Kibo offers an API-driven commerce platform having a microservices-oriented architecture. This allows it to flexibly integrate with a wide range of storefronts and 3rd party components. Besides Kibo offers a number of services and data that can be readily integrated with other Kibo products thereby offering a complete ecosystem that can be managed easily by the business.

Accelerator support

Kibo offers a range of accelerators for popular JavaScript frameworks. It enables businesses to roll out pre-packaged storefronts quickly and win customers faster than their competitors. They can offer custom features without worrying about interoperability and can truly scale up their eCommerce business in no time.

Ease of use

One of the biggest advantages of the Kibo headless eCommerce platform is its ability to provide even non-technical staff members the ability to drive customization and platform configuration efforts. There is no need for developers with specialized skills for a business to customize the platform according to their unique market propositions. The hybrid API platform is the underlying secret that allows your eCommerce solutions to be built even by non-technical team members.

The Top 5 Capabilities to look for in a Headless Commerce Platform

Future proof technology

With the Kibo headless eCommerce platform, brands can future-proof their eCommerce venture as it offers a highly supportive technology architecture. By enabling seamless interoperability, flexible modular components, and a high degree of customization, Kibo offers businesses an innovative platform that can scale to meet the demands of dynamic market trends and diverse consumer preferences.

Building dynamic and omnichannel eCommerce experiences for customers with a focus on personalization and performance is the key to success today for businesses in internet commerce. To enable this, their technology ecosystem needs to be highly adaptable and capable of leveraging the latest innovations in user experience, payment infrastructure, security, and device diversity. That’s the way to become a truly loved brand by customers.  Getting to this stage is not easy if you are to build the entire ecosystem on your own from scratch. But with platforms like Kibo, the journey is made simple and fast. You only need to have the right guidance and implementation support to realize the full potential of platforms like Kibo headless eCommerce. This is where our experts can help you create a major competitive advantage. Get in touch with us to know more.

Build Future-proof Customer Experiences

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