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Digital shopping is increasingly sophisticated as customer’s expectations and product demands have transitioned. So, multi-channel retail owners must ensure that they are delivering a flawless customer experience without endangering the cost-effectiveness of their businesses. What comes first to your mind? We can automate the process of order management. Yes, absolutely! Are you familiar with how a top-notch order management system can give e-commerce businesses a competitive advantage?

Here, we are precisely talking about sales, inventory, and customer information. A good OMS can manage your inventory well. With organized data, you can access the relevant data at any time. In layman’s terms, we can say OMS is a modern technological solution built to bridge the gap between customer order placement and how they are processed and delivered to their doorsteps.

Explore the intricacies of inventory management software and how OMS technology is helping streamline e-commerce operations for remarkable customer experience, improve efficiency and boost sales.


Digital commerce is more than just exclusive online shopping for customers. They are expecting magnificent customer experiences at different touch points during their shopping journey. To thrive in this hyper-accelerated environment, online retailers should be future-ready. Multichannel retailers are operating on a two-way force: one is to juggle thousands of products and processes and the other is to meet the competitive pressure of handling high customer expectations. So, getting familiar with the operational significance of the best Order Management System (OMS) can add a competitive boost to our existing business operation for e-commerce dominance.

Understanding E-Commerce Management

In the internet age, people are connected, and it’s more than making communication. They prefer the online mode of shopping to the conventional mode. All credit goes to fast internet speed where you can visit online e-commerce stores to browse and pick the items you want at your fingertips. Being a business owner, you need to identify the complete control of your online selling platform. A few years ago, the IT specialist was the sole member responsible for managing the e-commerce platforms. But in recent times, the e-commerce segment has witnessed a radical shift where several e-commerce solutions allow online merchants to manage their stores without any programming skills.

US Ecommerce Sales From 2012 to 2022

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2021, overall e-commerce sales touched a new high up to $959.5 billion. Such data is a clear indicator that the e-commerce industry continues to evolve in the coming years as more people prefer online shopping.

Broadly, we can categorize modern e-commerce platforms into two segments:

  • Hosted E-commerce Platforms: Such platforms are managed by the e-commerce service provider. They will be responsible for hosting and ensuring the safety of your online store.
  • Self-Hosted E-commerce Platforms: As its name suggests, you are responsible for managing your store. However, you get more control over your store. Also, make extra efforts to ensure its security and updates.

Managing such activities come under e-commerce management. It refers to the effective management of the company’s administration and oversight of online sales and processes. In e-commerce management, you plan, implement, and supervise all activities designed to attain required business milestones for key areas like customer acquisition, attain required business milestones for key areas like customer acquisition, customer retention, growth, and product quality. Small and micro businesses have more scope for revenue generation while minimizing the cost of managing physical stores.

Take a Glance at the Order Lifecycle

This is a typical order lifecycle looks like that involves the organized handling of orders from inception to completion. Here is the step-by-step description of the order lifecycle.

  • Order Placement– The customer visits an e-commerce platform and places an order.
  • Order Confirmation– The customer will receive the order confirmation notification.
  • Payment Processing– The payment gateway will authorize the payment made by the customer.
  • Order Fulfillment– Order details are shared with the fulfillment center for further processing.
  • Inventory Update– The latest update will be displayed to check the item availability status.
  • Order Packing– Orders are picked and packed for shipping.
  • Out for Delivery– Now, get ready to receive your order through the shipping carrier.
  • Order Delivery– The order is delivered to the customer successfully.
  • Returns and Refunds– An OMS can instantly process a refund request and communicate further to process the refund.

Significance of E-Commerce Management OMS

  • Real-Time Inventory Management– Get real-time accurate stock data to tackle overselling and stock outs.
  • Streamline Workflow– No need for manual data entry with an enhanced speed of order processing.
  • Multi-Channel Sales Channel– Get the centralized order processing from multiple sales channels in a single place.
  • Happy Customers- More reliable order fulfillment improves overall customer experience.
  • Seamless Shipping Integration– Utilize the advantages of automated shipping rate calculations and label printing.
  • Hassle-Free Return Management– The faster the order to return management, the happier the customer will eventually improve customer experience.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce, a pioneer cloud-based e-commerce platform, has introduced its Order Management System (OMS) to streamline and enhance the order fulfillment process. This blog will help you comprehend valuable information on how BigCommerce OMS can simplify your e-commerce management, boost your business productivity, and enhance customer experiences.

Relevance of Order Management System for Your Business

  • Invest in a fully functional system that keeps a keen eye on your inventory. It will help in making the right balance between overstocking and out-of-stock scenarios.
  • Get a system for order tracking. Streamline the workflow faster.
  • Happy customers are the building block for any successful e-commerce business.

Comprehensive Features and Highlights from BigCommerce OMS

SEO and Marketing Tools

BigCommerce provides powerful built-in SEO tools to help your store rank on top search engines. Popular features such as meta descriptions, customizable URLs, and automatic sitemaps make it simpler for customers to find your products. Moreover, we expect unique features like marketing tools, including marketing integrations, discounts, and coupon management, to drive more traffic and boost sales conversions.

Modern Product Management System

BigCommerce is well-adapted with a premium quality product management system that allows retailers to manage their inventory hassle-free. It supports unlimited product options, which can be excellent options for businesses of all scales with comprehensive product catalogs.

Multichannel Selling

To compete in the ongoing omnichannel environment, selling through multiple channels is essential. Talking about BigCommerce, it supports seamless integration with multiple marketplaces, like Amazon, Google Shopping, Instagram and Facebook. Utilize this multichannel capability to help businesses reach a larger audience and boost overall sales.

Scalability and Performance Optimization

Scale As Your Business Grows

Whether you’re managing a small-scale startup or a large enterprise, get the freedom to scale as your business grows seamlessly. Explore its various range of plans and pricing categories to accommodate vital business requirements. With the business growth, upgrade your plan to access more advanced features and more capacity.

Maximize Performance

E-commerce businesses encounter unexpected amounts of order quantities and website traffic during festive seasons. BigCommerce ensures fast loading time and high uptime rates, delivering a memorable and convenient shopping experience for customers.

Cost-Effective E-Commerce Solutions

Fair Pricing Structure

Price can be the biggest contributing factor in the e-commerce business environment. Brands like BigCommerce offer complete transparency with no hidden fees, which can help manage their overall budget. You can expect fair value for every penny you invest, ensuring that you get the functionalities you need without overpaying.

Minimal Total Cost of Ownership

BigCommerce assures you the minimal cost of ownership so you can leverage the benefits from a hosted solution that removes the requirement for separate hosting services. Such an integrated approach ensures a minimal cost of ownership, making it a cost-effective solution for seamless e-commerce management.

Key Considerations Before Making the Final Decision

  • Be Future Ready: Always think ahead in terms of the latest technological advancements and solutions.
  • Choose Competitive Price: Before making the ultimate choice, consider the budget that fits your business goals.
  • Go for Trusted Names: Ensure you are collaborating with the best in the market for seamless implementation.
  • Keep Your Business Plan Ready: Create a comprehensive integration plan to minimize unexpected hindrances.

Frequently Asked Questions

BigCommerce OMS is a newly updated e-commerce solution that centralizes order tracking, inventory management, and streamlines workflow across multiple touchpoints. With order automation features, e-commerce management would be faster and easier, resulting in improved efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Yes, BigCommerce is built with interactive UI, making it easily accessible for those who are not familiar with OMS interface. It features an intuitive interface and comprehensive support services, like customer support, tutorials, how-to guides, and much more to help new users with faster onboarding.

Using BigCommerce OMS can considerably minimize the overall time spent on order processing, shipping interaction, and stock management. Automation reduces hours of manual work, hence improving productivity and providing more space for business strategies for better business outcomes.

Yes. BigCommerce OMS can automate multiple fulfillment tasks, including order routing to the respective warehouse label printing for shopping.

BigCommerce OMS delivers real-time inventory tracking across various touchpoints. It ensures a correct inventory level and eliminates the risk of overselling and stockouts. It collects data from multiple sources into a centralized dashboard, allowing you to track and manage your stock effectively.

Yes. BigCommerce OMS easily integrates with popular shipping carriers. It allows for automated shipping rate calculations and label printing. Get a simplified shipping process with this integration and ensure hassle-free fulfillment operation.

BigCommerce OMS enhances overall customer satisfaction by streamlining workflow, ensuring correct inventory levels, and monitoring real-time order tracking. These features will get you faster and more reliable order fulfillment and improve customer experience.

Yes. BigCommerce OMS eliminates the risk of errors in the fulfillment process by automating order routing and inventory management. It will lead to the least manual entry mistakes, assuring more accurate order fulfillment.

Absolutely yes! BigCommerce can help grow your e-commerce business by streamlining routine workflow, enhancing order accuracy, and improving overall customer experience. With the help of its scalable functionalities, you can manage large order volumes and expand to new sales channels, leading you to overall e-commerce success.

Yes. BigCommerce OMS delivers transparent and flexible pricing options that can be customized to a diverse range of business requirements. Whether you are running a small-scale business or a large enterprise, there are various affordable options available that fit within your budget.


Businesses are exploring innovative ways to fulfill customer expectations while heading towards delivering more personalized shopping experiences. Investing in robust OMS for order automation can be a pivotal decision to stay future-ready and help you overcome complex existing business challenges. Leverage the OMS integration from BigCommerce to deliver a more personalized and reduced errors fulfillment experience for your customers. Ensuring your order management workflow will be more seamless and investing in post-purchase touchpoints can be profitable for e-commerce success.

If you’re looking to create your B2B e-commerce business on BigCommerce; BigCommerce OMS integration services from Ignitiv allow you to design a bespoke system to meet your unique business goals. Experts from Ignitiv can help you take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities to meet growing customer demands and build personalized customer experiences. Connect Now!

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