B2B eCommerce strategy elements to get right for distributors with Epicor Prophet21 ERP

About this paper

As the demands for eCommerce to become the primary strategic driver for growth become prominent, it is necessary for a distributor with Prophet 21 to understand what makes for a modern commerce platform that can provide the scale, functionality and customer experience necessary. Check out our whitepaper detailing the 5 Key Elements for success while integrating an advanced Ecommerce Platform with your Prophet21 ERP.

This whitepaper talks about:

  • The 5 Key Elements for Success
  • How to build superlative B2C like Experience
  • Support Omni-Channel business models and all Core B2B processes
  • Comprehensive Integrations with Prophet 21 ERP.

About Ignitiv

Ignitiv is a digital agency that has delivered comprehensive B2C and B2B commerce solutions to customers in the distribution industry in segments such as home improvement and construction and with Epicor Prophet 21 as their ERP back-end. We use Kibo’s Unified Commerce platform that brings in industry leading functionality around core commerce, order management and personalization to support all of the functions outlined above with a headless architecture. We have built an industrial strength cloud-based integration between Kibo and Prophet21.

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