Top Questions B2B Organizations Have About eCommerce

About this paper

B2B Commerce is expected to grow 17.5% compounded to approximately 20 Trillion USD in 2027. Just as rapid growth, increased consumerization, and Amazon-like customer experiences were taking the eCommerce industry to new heights, the global pandemic brought the sector into focus. eCommerce adoption grew rapidly in the B2B sector, where businesses were struggling to keep up with economic uncertainties and capitalize on growth opportunities.

This whitepaper addresses a few important questions in the current context:

  • Should we select a modern, generic commerce platform or point solutions?
  • Will the solution be able to handle complex B2B requirements?
  • Personalization, Customization options, and Integration Challenges?
  • Is it worth doing the implementation in-house or through a partner?

About Ignitiv

Ignitiv is a digital agency that has delivered comprehensive B2C and B2B commerce solutions to customers. Ignitiv is focused on delivering transformative and consistent customer experience across channels and throughout the customer journey. As a new-age full-service Customer Experience agency, we believe that every single customer interaction provides an opportunity to create something remarkable. Therefore, we bring the right mix of strategy, technology, design, and AI skills to help deliver those transformative experiences to our customers.

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