The 2021 eCommerce
Re-platforming Playbook

About this paper

The 2021 eCommerce Re-platforming Playbook helps you navigate the tricky trail in the context of COVID. It draws upon our extensive experience and highlights key activities that will guide you towards unlocking immense value from your ecommerce replatforming exercise. As your business and customers prepare to come out of the situation marginally scathed, yet undaunted, it is time to take decisions for the future.

This whitepaper talks about:

  • Ecommerce replatforming in the context of a changing world
  • What should you look at – from decision to execution
  • A handy checklist with activities that focusses on creating value for your business and your customers – with a distinct customer experience centric approach.

About Ignitiv

Ignitiv is an agency focused on digital transformation of customer experience. We combine strategy, digital marketing, technology, and customer analytics expertise to help craft integrated digital experiences that deliver more customers, more revenues, and more profitability.

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