While Ecommerce will reach $327B and mCommerce $31B, the retail mobile influence on store sales will exceed $689B (Source – Forrester, eMarketer, Deloitte) by 2016. Facebook fans are 79% more likely to purchase and social commerce sales will exceed 30B by 2015 (Source: Vocus). Together mobile and social will change the face of retail and present both challenges and opportunities for retailers and global consumer brands.

Ignitiv works with global brands to enable retail mobile & social solutions to:
• Provide mobile commerce services to their customers
• Establish a relationship with their customers on social networks
• Mobile Point of Sale
• Providing personalized offers through mobile
• Frictionless Commerce

A Forbes article talks about how retailers are adopting mobile, an excerpt follows.

Kohl’s, for example, is testing real-time, personalized offers in five of its stores. Shoppers who walk into one of those stores can opt in for offers via their smartphones.  So if a shopper lingers in the shoe department, for example, they’ll receive a coupon based on the shoes they looked at online but never bought.