We wanted to outline the 4 guiding philosophies that ignite our work.

1.                A point of view

In a state of constant change in the domain of our focus, Omni-Channel Retailing – market flux, the need to change business strategies, new technologies making transformational impact and as a consequence changing consumer behavior – it is more than imperative that Ignitiv, as a consulting and technology company, bring to its retailer and global brands clients a point of view about both challenges and opportunities.

Points of view do not emerge out of thin air. It comes from the people we hire, the research and solution engineering with emerging technologies we do and the synthesis of our collective learnings from current and past experiences. Most of all it comes from an organizational culture that places emphasis on this above all else.

2.                Developing Software does not equal manufacturing biscuits


Developing software solutions that has significant strategic impact – in such areas as Omni-channel Retailing – is not a function of scale. When we are working for a retailer on an omni-channel problem, it does not matter that a firm has 100,000 people working in the banking vertical. What matters is whether the firm has the small team that collectively can manage the links – between the big picture and the intricate details of the problem, the solution and the execution plan; between the business requirements and the architecture and technology that will meet those and between the art and science of software engineering.

3.                A team of thinking, able-minded individuals


To be able to project a relevant, valuable point of view and to bring balance to execution, we need a team of thinking, able-minded individuals. Those who bring relevant capability, thinking and the skills to communicate that thinking. That is the yardstick we use to build out our team. Ignitiv is a young, energetic company that believes every individual can bring significant change.

4.                The customer comes first


And last. Omni-channel Retailing is all about customer centricity. It is logical then that our organization be customer centric as well. And that means an ability to delivery greater value in shorter time than our competition.