Singular focus on next generation Omnichannel Solutions

For most retailers, the immediate challenge over the next few years will be the execution of a comprehensive strategy, including building Omnichannel solutions. many retailers have advanced systems in eCommerce, some are best at customer service; many others have a great mobile app. However, the goal for every retailer is to deliver a seamless customer experience across channels. Some questions that need to be answered by all retailers are-

  1. Is the mobile app limited to just mCommerce, meaning, does the app do more than just make my eCommerce site mobile-friendly?
  2. Are the shoppers in the store getting relevant offers, based on what they shopped for online?
  3. Do call-center reps get to see a 360 degree view of the customer?

In order to deliver real value to retailers and global consumer brands, Ignitiv focuses on a defined set of domains that form the foundation and pillars of Omnichannel solutions. We combine close partnerships with industry leading vendors in areas where platforms are mature and build our own solutions where there are none.

Ecommerce & Store Systems

We have long years of experience working with industry leading platforms such as Oracle Retail, Oracle Commerce and Hybris Commerce.

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Mobile & Social

We are bring disruptive technologies around mobile in the store, mobile promotions, social marketing and frictionless commerce.

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Inventory & Order Management

We have worked with store inventory management and order management solutions to break inventory silos and deliver on the promise of fulfill anywhere.

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Omnichannel Processes

We focus on Omnichannel processes that optimize customer experience paths and mid-layer apps such as promotions and content management.

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Enterprise Integration

We believe retailers become more responsive and agile with the right integration to enterprise merchandising, PIM, CRM and other applications.

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Retail Big Data Analytics

We focus on big data initiatives that enrich customer experiences and deliver better top and bottom lines to retailers.

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Here is a case study that illustrates the impact of Omnichannel initiatives – A Canadian shoe company saw a 65% increase in online revenue, and a 50% increase in conversions. Read more here.