We at Ignitiv aver that Omni-channel is the only channel for a retailer. There are a number of great infographics out on the Web re-inforcing such a position. There are 3 major trends that illustrate that:

  • Customers are already behaving in an omni-channel manner in their lives
  • Competitive pressures such as “showrooming” are severely impacting the business of multi-channel retailers.
  • Omni-channel customers are more profitable.
  • Given this the only way retailers can respond is by transforming both their organization and technology architecture to cater to an omni-channel strategy.

    We illustrate the points above with some great infographics below. All sources are mentioned in the infographics themselves or in the text.

    1.   Customers are behaving in an omni-channel manner in their lives

    From the time that the internet really started proliferating more than 15 years back, technological advances have come a long way. The proliferation of mobile and social has impacted how consumers lead their lives, how they interact with people and even how they engage with businesses. Retailers ignoring this trend do so at their peril.

    It is a fact that the number of mobile phones and tablets bought outnumber the number of computers bought. Here is an infographic on the proliferation of mobile:


    And one on how they are used:


    The proliferation of social networks has its impact on commerce as well:


    As also this one:


    2. Competitive pressures from pureplay online retailers such as Amazon is forcing a change of playbook

    One of the greatest buzzwords in the world of retail in 2013 is “showrooming”. Here is a infographic on how showrooming impacts the business of multi-channel retailers:



    3.     Omni-channel customers are more profitable

    Here is a simple one that illustrates it well – sourced from a study by Deloitte: