At Ignitiv we want to build an organization that is creative, inventive and pushing the boundaries. We are a young organization that works in a very focused space but prides itself on having a point of view about issues, challenges and opportunities in it. Towards that goal, we are always looking for people who are independent thinkers and have the drive to understand and solve business problems of our clients in unique and dramatically better ways.

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Industry Applications: Ignitiv is looking for architects and senior developers in Oracle Retail Store Solutions, Oracle Commerce (ATG) and Hybris.

Mobile Applications: Ignitiv is looking for Front End Developers.

Job Opening: Software Developer                     No. of openings: 1

Job Duties: Design the user interface and logical flow for point of sale and e-commerce systems, understand
functional specification documents and write JAVA and Oracle Programs in the product (Oracle POS and
Micros Xstore) framework, Analyze the stores and ecommerce system if error is reported from them and make
corrections in the program and data or in the stores transactions; Conduct trial runs of programs and software
applications to be sure they will produce the desired information and that the instructions are correct;
Prepare technical documents describing how the program works and steps required to fix the error; Maintain
the program and technical documents in source code configuration system; Participate in the customer testing
of the system and analyze and fix the issues reported by them per the guidance from project managers. May
require frequent travel to client sites in the US.

Job Requirements: Requires Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent in CS, Engg. (any) and 5 years relevant experience.
May require travel to client sites in the US.

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