Ignitiv is a consulting and technology company focused on Omnichannel commerce. It is a new kind of organization – part digital agency, part consulting and part product developer. The principals have a solid background in online and off-line, mobile and social, front end commerce across channels and the necessary plumbing of inventory, order management and integration to enterprise systems. It is one of the few teams in the world that have approach multiple channels as an integrated discipline.

It is a new world for retailers and consumer brands. They can no longer afford to have online work in a silo. Or their offline world of stores be slow and unresponsive. Or stand as mute spectators as others engage consumers in new ways through mobile and social. In an always-on, real-time world, and with the competitive pressures of giants such as Amazon, retailers and global brands need to rethink their customers’ experiences and the technologies underlying those to flourish in the context of Omnichannel commerce.

Ignitiv aims to be the go-to partner for such organizations.